Taehyung's P.O.V The next day, I woke up in her bed hugging eachother closely. I stroked her face and kissed her on the forehead. She woke up right away. "When did you wake up?" "Right now. I was enjoying your beautiful faceu" She giggles and hit me lightly, "oppa~" I hugged her even more tightly and realized that I would never want to leave her again. "Y/n-ah" "Hmm?" "I'll never leave you. Whatever happens, this time, I won't leave you." She snuggled and said, "I won't leave you either" We got ready for work together. It felt good, acting like one. Brushing our teeth together, making coffee, eating breakfast together, and sharing experiences that happened in the hospital. "I really like this" "What's that?" "Doing everything together! I feel so in sync with you~" "Aww, why are you such a cutie oppa!" We went in separate cars to avoid the suspicion. Dating in the hospital was not going to be a pleasant thing. Getting teased, hated, and will always be the center of attention. We were already in the center of attention, but us, being a couple?? That's going to be worse.. We couldn't help but be like that. It was the korean society. When we arrived at the hospital, I went straight to my 'official' surgery. The surgery went well, but I felt the assistant was nervous. Something was wrong with her, or she just wasn't the right duo for me. After the surgery, I saw the assistant, and she texted me to see eachother infront of the vending machine. As I walked over there, I saw her almost shaking. "What did you need?" "Dr. Kim, I just wanted to tell you something." "What is it?" "Uh... I got this weird letter from an untrackable address.." "Letter?" "Yeah... But it's weird.. I read it because it looked liked it was covered in blood. It was so weird so I read it." She handed it to me and the envelope was covered in blood. There were some spots the blood didn't cover. "Thanks, it's probably just a prank." I took the letter and sat down on my desk. I opened it hoping it wouldn't be the person I was thinking of. It read: "I WILL KILL." "I WILL KILL." I couldn't let this bitch get into my life another time.
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she better watch her back. Its getting serious now.