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Hello everyone! Your boy Jiji here!
So I just wanted to post a quicko update.
I have been trying my hardest to post as often as possible but college is kicking my ass hardcore. Posts will be random and very short due to stress and the *gulps* breakdowns heading my way.
So please stick with me here!
Also quicko personal update. I've decided that until I inform you otherwise or until my vingle bio says otherwise, I would prefer you use he/him when speaking to me or about me. I'm currently enjoying being known as a guy to my supportive vingle family (cause god knows my irl fam wouldn't understand and that is a HUGE mess I don't need rn like fuck)
So no worries, if you slip up, I'll remind you nicely, I won't bite your head off. So you can use he/him or go the @Helixx and @LemonLassie way and feel free to call me hubby, hubs or boyfriend, I don't mind lol.
So thank you my pretty ladies and handsome men for reading this and understanding (if you don't, thanks for reading anyways!)
Love you!
Boyfriend!!!! we never established what i am to you!?
The girlfriend, the mistress??
We are here for you Jiji! Stay strong and think positive! love ya!
Keep plugging away. My daughter texted me that she has 3 quizes tomorrow in her college classes.....so she's a little stressed too.
Good to know! :)