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Okay, so I just got to Itachi's story, and I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate what an adorable, possessive little shit Sasuke was when he was a baby!
Especially in this moment! I mean, look at that sassy little face and the way he grabs Itachi's shirt, like "my nee-san. MINE!"
And then, as if he understood what Itachi had just said, immediately starts screaming and crying and pushing this poor girl (who is obviously crushing on Itachi, though who could blame her?) away, just to prove the point!
And then as soon as Itachi takes him back he just starts laughing! Like, omg, Sasuke, can you say cock-block! I will never get over baby Sasuke!
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why this is so funny
a year ago·Reply
Sasuke haters 👎😿
a year ago·Reply
@AngelMartinez1 he just makes it so easy! To be clear though, I still have mixed feelings, always just waiting to see what he pulls next...
a year ago·Reply
Aww Sasuke and Itachi look so cute as kids
a year ago·Reply
Is this an episode? Can anyone tell me which one?
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@ShifaKulsoom no problem!
a year ago