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Wish I'd found this series sooner! Just finished season 2 and oh my gods, got my heart ripped out by the feels! Can't wait for the next season, and until then my mission is to get all the current volumes of the manga. (is it obvious that Kaneki & Touka are my favorites?)
so good
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she really wasn't....one of her questions was "why is this in Chinese? what's wrong with watching shows where they speak English?" 😥
love this one!! where does Juzo place on your list? :)
hm, haven't figured that out yet, that list isn't finished yet. 😉
oh? well then it should be interesting when it's done. 😆
yeah, I think I'll have Juzo in my top 5. 😉
I just started watching this, its really good. Kept seeing it every where, it was a sign.
same thing happened to me! 😂