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For those of you who had asked about the second short film I had some errands to run so I couldn't post it sooner...anyway I finally posted it!!! I honestly feel like every time Bighit gives a hint I have to reevaluate my claims...
YOUTH. Time and again BTS has spoken about it...From I NEED U to Young Forever...this got me thinking maybe we had it wrong all this time...nobody died, nobody was hallucinating...it was just a battle between dream (passion) and reality (what society wants)...while promoting HYYH, BTS always spoke about youth being that beautiful moment in your life when you feel as if you can conquer the world, so it made no sense to me why their mvs were talking about hallucinations and death...but I think I might be onto something...
In Begin Rapmon tells us about the two worlds (what you want and what society wants) then in Lie he talks about one of the worlds (what society wants)...this world is a lie because this isn't who they are...
The next part really confused me because I thought this scene was about Jimin and Jhope...but then I heard what Jimin was singing...
Lyrics: Caught in a lie
Find back the innocent me
I cannot get out of this lie
Give me back my smile
Caught in a lie
Save me from this hell
I cannot get out of this chaos
Save me, who is being punished
Things have happened in his life (I'm presuming him growing up) that he has given up to temptation and gone down the wrong road...so when he is singing those words...its showing us all the wrongs he has done...
trans: Please guide me please stop me
Please let me breathe
trans: I’m trapped inside of myself and I’m dead
The first bite of the apple represents the fall of man...I'm guessing he did some stupid stuff (like drugs and self harm) but he finally broke himself but doing something so bad (which is represented by the apple) that he has become dead on the inside...I think that something is accommodating what others wanted of him...instead of finding himself he let's others decide who he is..which can explain the "I’m trapped inside of myself and I’m dead"
Now I don't like lose ends...so I was trying to connect Begin and Lie...the only thing going through my head was the Hyung part...I still think Jungkook is the one standing on the outside looking in...maybe the members have already started deciding their fates (as we saw with Jimin) so maybe something happened to Suga and he's seeing the same thing happen to Taehyung and he cries out cause he doesn't want to lose him to the rules of society...

Check out the second short film!

PS The reason I want to stress on the word society is because from their debut till now they have always spoken about following your dreams and not listening to what society tells you...They have always said that youth is the prime of our lives and the time when we truly find ourselves.
I was thinking that the reason Jungkook is on the outside is because hes watching everyone else grow up (for society) and he keeps losing hyungs to the social norm. But since he's the youngest he can still get away with being his youthful self. And maybe Jin is on the opposite end. You mentioned he was also kind of separated from them during Run. He's the oldest so he must have been expected to be the most adult member during their whole career. He either hasn't had that youthful life and is jealous or already went through it and is sad and reminiscent. *EDIT* What if they're solos and/or sub groups!?!?! Kook and Suga Jimin and Hobie Tae and Joonie and Jin FINALLY GETS HIS SOLO!!
This is a very legitimate theory! I'm following it
thank you for staighten things out I was a bit lost.... 😶😅
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