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Alrighty so here we are with the next one shot. The smut part was provided by @SweetDuella I hope you enjoy this.... Don't forget to vote, we are almost done with Exo one let's see who is next. If you missed the other One shots click the links below. Xuimin- Fluff Chanyeol- Fluff Kyungsoo- Fluff Lay- Smut Tao- Smut Baekhyun- Smut (Full story written by @Princessunicorn) Suho- Fluff Kai- Smut


I walked into the club. This was the usual thing. Walk in, go to the bar, get a drink, dance for a little bit and then go off with a special guy. I was used to this kind of thing. I was the middle of dancing when he came up behind me and started dancing with me. "You are teasing me." He whispered into my ear. I spun around with a smile on my face. I was ready for him and he quickly pulled me off the dance floor. We headed to our normal room that he got reserved for us. "(y/N) you are looking amazing tonight. Just like a rockstar. I want to mark you so no one will be able to have you." He placed his lips on my neck and started biting and sucking. "It's not my fault we have to sneak around like this, but it does make things more interesting." I placed my hand on the side of his head and messed with his hair. "It is." He mumbled against my skin sending shivers down my spine. "Kris stop teasing me, I've been waiting all week for you." Him being in the music world was making our get together harder and farther apart. "I'm just getting you back for earlier." I whined and he laughed "Aww is my girl being a baby?" he said pulling his face away from my skin finally. "Yes! You are being so mean to me." I pouted. "Ok princess, I'll let you have your way this time, but next time I won't be so nice." He smirked.
I grinned at him and as I heard the music picked up I got an idea and grinned. Putting my hand on his chest I backed him up until he had to sit on the couch that was placed in the room. “What are you planning princess?” Kris questioned as he put his hand on my hips when I straddled him. “A little dancing” I said “No more talking I've missed your hands on me and your lips on my skin” I grinned as I wrapped my arms around his neck. A smirk appeared on his face. It ignited a fire in me as he dipped his hand between my legs and palmed my core. His tongue came out and licked his lower lip. “Dance for me “ he told me reminding me why I climbed on top of him. Without further delay I rolled my hips and started to give him a lap dance. He was still gently massaging my core but as I picked up my pace his hand started to move faster, his thumb rubbing up and down against my slit. I was growing wetter and his fingers were moving in and out all of a sudden. “Keep moving” he told me as I arched my back and slowed my hips, at his words I picked up my pace which made his fingers go deeper and faster. “Cum for me” he said. With his growl my body shattered and I came. “I want you” I mumbled into his ear. He had a full erections pressed under my bottom. Adjusting ourselves I undid his belt and pulled at his pants until he had them around his ankles. “I hope you don't like these panties” he said before he slid them off her “Why? you didn't rip them.” I asked confused. “No I'm taking these with me” he said holding onto them in his hand, “for when I'm thinking of you and can't touch you” he told her. “Oh “ the little noise came out of me. Another loud moan escaped as I sat down and filled myself with his shafts. Rocking back and forth sent shivers up my spine and a tingly feeling in my core. Kris picked up the pace and pulled my face to his so he could kiss me. His lips were like ecstasy, addicting and mind boggling. I lost all trace of thought as he sent me brought me close to the edge than slowed down only to repeat the process teasing my body with the hint of an orgasm but not letting me have one. “Please please please” I begged him at last. Kris got a smirk on his face at the response. “Good girl” he said praising me for begging. He stood up and turned to press me against the wall and fuck me. He came fast and hard growling my name. With him coming inside of me it sent me over the edge and I came with his hissing out his name.
We both got dressed again and drank some water. "So When do I get to see you again?" I said as he grabbed his phone. "Hopefully soon, I'll need to be with you again." He said shoving his phone away. "You have to go?" I asked standing up. "I do." He said getting up as well. "Alright, well I'll see you later." I started to leave the room but he grabbed my arm and pulled me back to him. He pressed his lips to mine. "Fuck it they can do without me for a little while longer. I want more time with my girl." He said and intertwined our fingers together. He pulled me out of the club. "Where are we going?" I asked "Somewhere special." He said and off we went in the nice cool breeze to have a little date night.
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