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Alright so this is another one shot I wrote for an example for our communities fan fiction contest.... This is Fluff all the way click here to hear about the contest.
We all had been in the car for a half hour. I was sitting in the back next to Kyungsoo and Chanyeol was driving while Suho was in the passenger seat. "How much longer?" I whined I needed to stretch my legs. "Just a little bit longer" Chanyeol said with a laugh. "(Y/N) you are just like a child." Kyungsoo said next to me. "Shut up." I said pouting. "Oh my gosh Chanyeol your girlfriend is so cute." Suho said joining in. "Hey, Stop making fun of me." "But you're so cute!" Suho and Kyungsoo said at the same time. I look at Chanyeol through the rear view mirror. He was already looking at me. "Channie, Tell them to stop." He laughed and smacked Suho. "Stop picking on my girlfriend." They finally stopped picking on me and it was quiet minus the radio. When a familiar beat came on. "OH MY GOD!!! YAY!!!" I started bouncing in my seat. Chanyeol laughed and turn the radio up. I turned to Kyungsoo as his part in the song started and I really didn’t think he would sing along and when he did I was shocked. I was singing along with them except when Chanyeol's part came up I scooted closer to him. "You're my luck, you make me throw my heart into a thread-like chance. Now the others have their popcorn waiting to see what happens to us." And during this he looked at me through the rear view mirror with his sexy eyes. When he was done I put my hands around him. Or at least the best I could since I there was a seat between us. He placed his hand on top of mine. Shortly after the song was over he pulled over. Kyungsoo and Suho got out of the car quickly. Leaving me and Chanyeol to have our moment. He took his seatbelt off and turned to me and connected his lips to mine. I loved his soft lips on mine. I swear I could never get enough of him. He pulled back leaving a little bit of space between our lips. "Are you ready for the surprise?" He asked looking me in the eyes. "If the surprise is you, then of course." I said and pressed my lips to his. This time he didn’t pull back. We were getting steaming in the car when there was a knock on his window. "Let's go, we can finish this later." He smiled and got out of the car and I followed him. I quickly ran to catch up and grabbed his hand in mine. My hand was so tiny compared to his. We walked a bit until he stopped and stood in front of me. "(Y/N) I wanted to show you how much you mean to me and How much we all appreciate you being by our side throughout the years." "Channie what's going on?" I asked looking into his breathtaking eyes. "I love you." He said and then kissed me and when he kissed me the area around us lit up. We broke apart. I looked around us. The lights made the area twinkle. I looked back at him. All The lights turned on and we were at Lotte world. "We rented the park out for the even to have fun with you." Baekhyun said "You guys, seriously." I started crying. "Why are you crying?" Chanyeol asked hugging me. "I'm just so Happy." Chanyeol laughed and rubbed my back. "You have had a hard time with us and you just needed to see that we all are very glad you are a part of our lives, Especially me." Chanyeol said "Thank you." "Also I got you something." He pulled out a necklace. "I wanted you to have something besides the ring's we have." "I love it." Chanyeol put the necklace on me and then I got serious as we walked into the park. "Chanyeol…why did it take us a half hour to get here? This was literally ten minutes away from the dorm." he started laughing "We wanted you to think we were farther away so you wouldn’t say no to him, you know because you would think he was your only way back." Sehun said "are you kidding me?" I laughed through my nose. "Are you mad?" Chanyeol asked "No… not at all." I took off chasing Sehun. "Yup she's mad that we listened to him." Chanyeol said laughing watching his girlfriend try to catch the maknae and beat him up. "Sehun you are so getting it when I catch you little boy." I yelled after him "Noona is so fun to mess with." He said I was running out of breath, and slowed down. Chanyeol came up beside me and put his arm around me. "It's ok, he helped add to your reaction." "Channie" I whined "Let's go ride some rides and enjoy this night." He said pulling me towards a ride.
Soooo cute!
Yasss it's so good❤️❤️