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Alright lovely people! We are going to have another contest. This is going to be a Fanfiction one-shot. There are three categories you get to choose from. You can write a Smut, Angst or Fluff. You can get as creative as you want but there are a few guidelines. The contest runs from September 5th to September 19th. Winners will be announced on September 23rd There will be 1 winner in each category. You are allowed to submit to all three categories but you can only win once. submissions last day is Sept 19th The word count is Min: 800 Max 1500 Of course because this is EXO contest you have to include one EXO member. When I say at least one member I mean that there has to be at least one main character from exo, now if you are adding a love triangle or something like that of course you are welcome to add more members, the minimum is one main character from exo. The story you submit has to be new and cannot already be published. Those who want to submit for the contest please email them to: please submit your story first before posting. *Update* On Voting: Voting will be done by Exo Mod @Tigerlily84 and Mod Support @PrincessUnicorn and @AimeeH and @SarahVanDorn we will take into consideration likes on each story and evaluate the story and then we will announce the winners on the 23rd There is a prize for the winners.
Click here for a SMUT example written by @Princessunicorn Click here for a FLUFF example written by @SarahVanDorn Click here for a ANGST example written by @AimeeH
I just sent in my story, and now I'll be posting it on Vingle ^-^
writing is great!!! I want to read what you wrote @MadAndrea so don't forget to tag me okies?
Definitely ^_^
@MadAndrea That's true. Writing is never a waste ^-^
@CrookedShadow for real though lol but it got me to finally write a one shot. so it's all good. Writing is never wasted in my mind
I'm going to enter the contest, but I'm worried my story will be too long!! This is my first fanfic sooooo this will be interesting 😅
Oooh excited to read it
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