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Yay I'm catching up! Enjoy!!
First, he's going to want to dress to make you squirm. He's a tease, and he likes seeing you get flustered and bothered by his charm.
Tonight he's taking you out to eat and then who knows. He's not much for planning ahead and really likes spontaneity. But the whole time he's with you, he teases. He gets close enough for you to feel his breath, or startles you with sudden contact, but always pulls away before you can do anything just to see your reaction.
You of course don't get mad... but you intend on getting even. So with you're most charming smile you ask him to take you shopping. Of course he accepts. He loves all the time he can get with you.
You find the sexiest little black dress you can find and the perfect shoes, and come out of the dressing room with tags in hand and your street clothes in hand. you give the sexiest look you can muster and walk straight to where he is waiting for you. You intend on wearing it the rest of tonight and you know what it'll do to him.
He's suprised alright. As he drinks you in with his eyes, he tells you he's got the perfect place to take you to show you off. He takes you to a classy bar with a dance floor. After a couple drinks and telling you how beautiful you look, you walk out to the dance floor and you can tell you're burning him up with the way he watches you dance alone. He joins you for some body against body sultry dancing. He can't keep his hands off you as you both sizzle on the floor and both of your temperatures start rising.
You tell him it's time to take you home. After stalling with one more drink, he gives in and takes you to your place. He walks you to your door with a hopeful look in his eyes. You kiss him on the cheek and close the door. You can hear him whine on the other side and apologize for teasing you so much. After letting him squirm a little, you let him in to finish what you started on the Dance floor.
Ilhoon is a different kind of date but there is nothing wrong with that. πŸ˜‰
There definitely is not.
now i understand why you all fangirled over hoonie. This sealed the deal as why i see him like a little brother
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lol your little brother is a tease ;D
That was so intense.. I liked it. haha I especially loved the gifs to the dress part. IT WAS PERFECT. Again, smiling through the whole thing. πŸ˜„πŸ’™
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Yes! His reactions to you wearing that little black dress were perfect.
OH MY MY MY... Well then babe, two can play that game! Hahaha. I loved it. But I so wasn't ready for Ilhoon in that white suit. 😱😱😱 I could imagine the whole thing. He would so tease you and then pout when you kissed him good night and shut the door on him.
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Yes he did!
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