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Arthur Note: I wanted to do a part from the POV of the investigator. It came out a little off, not quite what I wanted. It's one of those instants like having something at the tip of your tongue that you can't seem to spit out.
The police were keeping tabs on everyone's whereabouts. The calls they made from their cell phones were being monitored. Every number was verified, all but one that was coming from one of the members. Investigator Choi counted how many times that number was called, it was too numerous not to be ignored. "Officer Kim, find out who this number belongs to, name, address, the whole nine yards." "Do you think it might be them?" Officer Kim asked looking at the number. "I don't know. But Mr. Oh Sehun has called it numerous times. Better safe than sorry." Officer Kim sat down at his desk, typed in the number and waited patiently, "Do you think that kid is guilty of killing? I mean why else would he run. The brother heard them fighting, his statement alone could put him away." "I just want make sure we have solid evidence before we start pointing fingers. Besides, he only heard them arguing, he didn't actually see what happened. How's that number coming?" "Name and address just came up. Want me to go check it out?" The investigator nodded. He sat reading over the eyewitness statements, the victims brother's statement, he looked over the statements from Junmyeon's family and friends. He stared hard at the crime scene photos. How everyone describes his personality don't fit the crime, 'Unless he was pushed to do it' the psychologist had said, 'he may have been under a lot of stress and pressure and finally reached a breaking point. But that's only an assumption, so please don't go by that.' His phone rang, it was officer Kim, "Hello. What did you find?" "Sir, the residence is vacant. The landlord says the person we're looking for moved out a few months ago. She didn't leave a forwarding address." "Alright. What's going on at Park Chanyeol's apartment, any word on the security camera footage?" "Only that the landlord said they won't release anything without a warrant because they have other celebrities living there and they established in all lease agreements, strict privacy. They don't want to risk getting sued by the tenants." "Damn... Well the only thing left to do is stake out Park Chanyeol's apartment. Head over there, no, pick me up first." "Yes sir" Officer Kim and investigator Choi had been sitting for over an hour, half a block away, diligently watching the front of the apartment building. He had seen a couple people walk in that looked suspicious wearing hoodies and face masks, like most celebrities do but they had been too short to be who he was looking for. He was getting a feeling that Park Chanyeol wasn't going to show up. There had been no phone calls made from either of their phones since yesterday morning. It was evident that he and Junmyeon were together, hiding somewhere in the city. A car described to be Chanyeol's, pulled up around the corner of the building entrance. The driver got out, pulling his hood closed around his face. He took a good look around before heading down into the parking garage. A few minutes later, the driver came running out and got back into their car, driving away fast. Choi signaled for Kim to follow him. They tailed him. He went to a store, bought some food items, drove across town to a house that he was in for half an hour, then drove towards the group's dorm. But he didn't go all the way, he stopped a half mile away and sat there, probably waiting. Fifteen minutes had gone by when two people appeared out of the trees, dressed in black hoodies and face masks, and got into the vehicle. They sat there for awhile before driving off down the road. When the car stopped the two that got in before, jumped out. Choi called the officers that were keeping a look out at the group's dorm and asked who had left. They said Do Kyungsoo and Oh Sehun left to go to the store and were just now entering the dorm. "Should we pull him over?" Officer Kim asked. "No. Let's see where he goes." They followed him out of the city, out into the country, almost an hour away. The vehicle they were following pulled off onto a long road and then to a house. Chanyeol jumped off the car and went inside. They drive by and pulled into a drive way of a house down the road. He hoped they didn't get noticed. Investigator Choi got out and went up to the front door and knocked, all the while keeping an eye on the house Chanyeol had gone into. Thankfully no one answered this door. "What should we do now?" Kim asked as Choi got back into the car. Choi thought for a second, "Let's go back to the main highway." They sat waiting when Choi got a phone call. (Someone had gone into the police department and got a copy of the incident report.) "What do you mean? But how... Damn! We'll head back right now. Get a warrant for Kim Junmyeon's arrest ready. I think we found him."
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