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This one may be one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy!
Peniel isn't going to worry too much about how he looks. He found you, and you're not all about just the superficial. He loves your light heart and fun loving nature. So he's come comfy, just like you would.
Today is all about having fun together. You guys go shop hopping! But not just any shops. Thrift shops, antiques shops, novelty shops, even costume shops. It's time to see who can be the silliest and make each other laugh.
You take turns trying on some of the wackiest things you can find, or modeling regular things in wacky ways. You're not keeping score, but you try to out "silly" each other.
Occasionally you would catch each other off guard and try on something that actually looked hot, and he would hum and tell you you're gorgeous, while you stare at him astounded at how lucky you are. He'd blush and giggle sometimes, but appreciate your unspoken compliments.
You'd get kicked out by the store owner for not buying anything, but you'd move on to the novelties and odds n ends shop and check out the trinkets, but not for long until both of your stomachs started growling. The hunger is real.
You walk around hand in hand looking for a good place to chow down and find a really good one. The line is really long, but you stand in it for a while til they say there's no more seating for at least another 45 minutes. Both of you pout a bit and look around for something ready to seat people. So you go to a Pakistani restaurant you've never been to and they don't speak korean and their English is heavily accented... it's hard to order but the food ends up being delicious. You both giggle and enjoy the new experience.
Afterwards he takes you home and gives you a giant bear hug and whispers in your ear that he loves you and that he hopes one day in the future he can marry his best friend. Before you can say anything he smiles a huge blushing grin and gently closes your door. When he gets home he sends you snaps to tell you he had a great time and hopes to spend more time with you soon.
this other side of Peniel...its taunting
it's fun to imagine!
DANG. THAT WAS TRULY FANTASTIC. I was smiling the whole way through. I LOVED it!! πŸ’™πŸ’™
I'm so glad!! πŸ˜„
That was such a perfect date. Peniel is a real sweetheart ❀
yes he is! he was my initial bias in btob until Eunkwang stole me away lol.
My daughter loves Peniel, and this really would be her perfect date.
awww that's really cool!
This is seriously adorable. Peniel is so precious. I'm internally fangirling at the level of fluff.
yes! I love this date. I'd want this date haha.