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I didn't know what to think when I first saw this. I was like 'wait, did Justin mess around in KR the last time he went & Jay finally caught up with him & something went down, what happened?'
But then I just watched the video & all my questions were answered. lol.
I'm not gonna say who won, but I will say that I would have been extremely biased & they couldn't have asked me to do this because before they even showed me the pictures or videos I would have been like, 'JAY. I go with Jay. I don't need to see anything. Give him all my points.'
It's not that I don't like Justin because his last album was STRAIGHT up banging, but in terms of being relatable, not acting like an ass all the time, AND making good music, Jay got alluhdat.
Not gonna lie, 'Girlfriend' was creepier than 'Baby' though. I don't know what I'd do in that situation & just because he's hot doesn't mean he's not crazy, but, I mean, he tried.
😩😓 Damn, I always forget to tag: @BORNHATER