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Third Set of 2PM Teaser Photos are Out!
I've been anxiously waiting for this set of photos.
Jun K. always has his own unique style when it comes to the jackets.
See....this one is different too.
Ohhhh, Taecyeon looks so handsome.
I wish I could see a smile out of the different guys. They are even more handsome when they smile.
I predict tomorrow's teaser photos will be the group shots. I am really, really looking forward to 2PM's new album.
Oh my jiminie crickets!!! Both of them are FINE!!!!!
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Hopefully tomorrow will be the group shots.
a year ago
The "making of" video they just posted on the V app?! So good!
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Me too, I look forward to the subs being added! But 2PM are worth just watching with no subs, maybe a couple times... 😉😁
a year ago