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i noticed that while i was making my video
is next
OK see I thought I made a mistake about him doing the dance from save me so I'm glad I was right. I realized they were showing the younger of the pairings and I would think they'd use Jin last because of how he seemed to over see ever thing. He was capturing everyone with a camera but what will they do with V didn't V jump off that large platform? Would they still use V or would it be Joon? kookie blew out suga fire, jimin's visited hope at the hospital but V kills that guy. I would think Joon
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I only noticed because of when he grabbed his throat. After that I kind of doubted myself because I couldn't remember the rest of the dance. But it started to make sense a little because he was connected to hope and I saw the pills. I just wasn't entirely sure. I love what big hit is doing
this makes more sense than my theory.