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The time has come you guys...

yup it's my turn to take on the party

(If you want to join in check out the details >>here<<)

Who is G-Dragon To You?

....Do you want the fantasy answer or the answer of reality lol Okay okay but honestly thus is a difficult question for me to answer because it's difficult to explain he's more than just one to me...and just all around unique. He had many qualities that makes him different and just standout really. And to me atleast he's very admirable.

What's the first G-Dragon Song I Heard?


(I low-key high key actually hated this song when I first heard it wasn't my style but now it's my freaking jam....HELLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOO Yes Sir I'm one of a kind~~)

What would I do if I met G-Dragon?

ummm confess my undying love duh..... jk jk (well halfies) lol But I met Taeyang already so I guess the meeting would be quite similar ....hang out try to act like I'm not being killed with feels lol

Favorite Quote?

"Work until your idols become your rivals" "I want to show my true self not the way others want me to be seen" "What's worse than facing failures? I think it's the though of giving up trying. I believe that pain is the driving force for us to do what we have to do" "People say they are jealous of me because I have so much. But soon you'll realize whay you see isn't everything" (Honestly I can't pick just one.....but if you asked me my favorite one from one of his songs.....I think I could choose one lol)

Favorite Youtube Video of him?

I like stuff of when he acts flustered lol. But theirs one were he's just talking to the camera about what he eats before bed........I'm basic I know lol

G-Dragon song that describes my life?

You Do- if have a couple of people come up to me each day and they ask "How can did you do this, how can I do this thing that you do" but personally I prefer if they stuck to being themselves and go to the best of their abilities I want to see them shine. And if I can help them along the way that would be great to but ultimately I want them to do their best. Today- this is gonna make me sound like a slut....but really I'm not looking for any single person right now...We're young so live like it. We don't need problems let's have fun and take advantage of this time. One of A Kind - Right now I have an incredible amount of success and I'm just chilling to be honest. And I'm kinda be wasteful of it ....oops (I'm not milking people for cash though ....IT'S FREE. ....if I did though .....then JACKPOT BITCHES lmao )

Recent GIF?

Easy BOOM!!

Sexy Photo?

I don't really keep those types of Sexy photos of him on my phone lol... but isn't he EVERY PHOTO THOUGH~~
All right....Kwon is outta here~~