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It's about time this dope song/mv came out~

Yassss, @xxchicharitoxx this song/rap/MV/dreads though!!!! :D

Bobby - HOLUP!

Knock us out Bobby, why don't you!!

Perfection in one video~ ♡
(GIF crédit: ikonis)
I can go on and on about this MV and this song. my week/month has gotten so much more better because of this. 😃😆😁😁😁
Aaaah, I'm honestly really happy to hear that 😁
EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SONG AND MV! ❤❤❤❤❤❤ honestly I can't hate on those dreads, he is just attractive with or without that hairstyle I love it. 😍 I mean seriously that beat was just amazing, I can jam to that beat forever. and those blue contacts aagadkdksvvssk. 😭😭😭😭😭 I was so hyped for this and it exceeded all my expectations. I am living the fangirl dream right.
Yasss!!!! To be honest I love them dreads. Not everyone can pull them off, but damn Bobby why you gotta do us like that lol I thought I was ready but I WAS NOT!!! 😫 I agree this song is legit amazing!! Girl!! Let me jam with you and fangirl with you lol