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So Never Give Up!

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These are cute
Doesn't Evee evolve into whatever stone it's master exposes it to? Evee basically becomes whatever someone else wants it to be.
@davelasco87 Really... You're going to make this slightly negative in a way it was put to be nice. Plus Eeeve's could do that without a trainer no? They mainly need the stone. Please next time dont try to make something bad for something that was put into a nice way this is to help motivate people who feel down not make them feel worse
@AimeBolanos wasn't my intention to hurt anyone's feeling. I thought all the other ones were actually very good. Just thought it was a little odd that's all. But you're right, in the future I'll just keep such comments to myself.
@davelasco87 Its fine just next time think about it more through I know sometimes people speak thier mind and not know what they say can actually hurt others but again its ok