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When Robin did this I was both mortified but also impressed and it made me love her character more xD watch all the way through its hilarious xD That's what Franky gets for being stubborn xP
Warning this video has big time spoils!This video is translated slightly incorrect but I couldn't find a better version, kintama I think is the word xD is translated as balls xD and the sentence where he says they're gold it should actually say they're the family jewels anyway enjoy and watch all the way through they're are hilarious. These are definitely some of the most showing scenes in One Piece, I literally fell of my couch squealing in laughter xD hope you guys enjoy and reminisce about these hilarious moments xD @LuffyNewman @DevilsSon @ChrisStephens @KurosakiJess @nimm14
two great scenes.. I kinda want to go back and rewatch the Water Seven arc again now. haha
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Oh awesome ^^ can't wait to finish it
it funny how they were pulling on luffy's men hood
Yeah I was like how is he not waking up and freaking out x'D this episode was full of shocking surprises xD
omg those parts xD
Exactly xD
LOL these are "WHAT THE!?!? Moments for me LOL hilarious XD
Exactly xD