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Slowly I look to my wife who keeps smiling my way. She gives my hand two squeezes and asks "Do you wanna go up?" After a split second I nod and lead her to the front. Everything is happening yet nothing at the same time. It's a beautiful moment filled with love and worship. At first I see everyone at the front but once I close my eyes, silence. Amongst all the music and singing I get lost. I enter a meditative state with only me and God. He doesn't say anything and neither do I. We just enjoy the peace together in the middle of chaos. I no longer know my wife is next to me or the people at my side. My senses seemed to disappear. With my hands raised and my breathing calm I was truly relaxed. Then I felt a tug on my sleeve and a brush against my arm. Despite being surrounded only one person came to mind. Nana.. My grandma the one I didn't get to say goodbye to. In my heart I knew it was her. She had her hands raised as well. In the peace I was blessed with God gave me great favor. He gave me a moment with the person I miss most. Everything felt so overwhelming as I felt a tear slide down my cheek. In the middle of all this I was shedding tears of gratitude. I was so in awe of what happened. Then I felt the pastor's hand in my head. His words went past my ears and directly to my heart. As I listened his words no longer made sense. He began to speak in tongues. My eyes began to flutter uncontrollably. Despite this being the first time I experienced this I was calm. There was no concern panic or confusion. Just peace. Once he moved on I took a deep breath and saw my wife once more. She was looking at me with a deep love in her eyes. "Let's go sit down." She said as I wiped my eyes and nodded. I bent down and gave her a soft kiss then lead her back to our seats.