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Fun fact: Jimin is called "Manggae ddeuk" (Manggae rice cake) among K-fans because of his fair skin and squishy face. *All from this article trans

So precious~

I'm not becoming Jimin-biased, am I??

Even his birthday cake was a rice cake! xD

He's also famous for his reverse charms on stage.

Reverse charms meaning his on-stage persona is different from his off-stage one.

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@AlittleJoy ugh he needs to stop! Haha
i agree! lol i like the nickname kfans gave him tho its cute
I thought it became attack on Titan for a while there
squishy squishy~!!!!!! ma baby boo is so squishy~!!
His tongue in the gif where he is in the blue jacket 🔥❤️😱😭