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Sometimes we find our bias immediately when we're struck by certain qualities. And other times we grow to love other members once we get to know them all better. This was the case for me and BTS.

This week's theme is too tell who our initial bias was and why. Then to explain why we ended up drawn to our current bias.

Now if you know me, you know that music is really important, looks come way after that, and dancing is an added bonus. Due to this, the first couple were based on musical ability and how I was pulled in by it, followed by looks.

Jungkookie! I first watched Bulletproof Pt.2 and he really, really caught my attention. He was really charismatic and in your face. His style was interesting and his face was uniquely attractive. I guess he looked a little emo/punk and I liked it. He somehow didn't look strictly hip hop. This bias attraction was fairly short lived though.

The more I watched videos though, I started gravitating toward Rap Monster. That fine, tall, rapper...gimme some of that. His voice was lower and his delivery was really smooth.

Suga...Suga you feisty little spit fire. He caught me next as I noticed how much attitude he had in his flow. He went hard and I loved it. Cyphers killed me. And now with AGUST D? He's wrecking my list so hard and no, you're not sorry AGUST.

This man really hit me when I learned more about Yoongi, rather than Suga. He loves music, he lives for it. I just, I seriously feel the exact same way. The only difference is I can't create it like his beautiful mind can. I analyze music and can say with precise and specific reasons why I do or don't like a song.

We both have a soul that thrives for music. We need it and crave it. We feel it and naturally have to move with it. Not so much dancing, but just feeling it and expressing it through motion because we're so emotionally moved by these notes and words.

His attitude is really similar to mine. His occasional depression and worrying is something that resonates within me. I could see him having temper, and that's something I can also relate to. However, he was really calm about his irritation when I've seen it. Something I do as well. He won't take people's shit and he won't let people fuck with his friends. He's strong and won't take it. He truly is my wrecker. I feel like he fits perfectly well with a part of me, while Hobi fits with the opposite part of my personality, the less serious side.

Then I found J-Hope. My hope. My angel.

That was a little dramatic, but he really is important to me. His positivity and demeanor reminds me of myself.

This bias realization happened after I got to know the group better. Because while I love his rapping, his dancing and personality are what have me hooked on him.

Not to mention that singing of his.

1Verse was a wonderful display of his skills. It surprised me, it was really raw and it was a different side of him that I loved. And I've always loved how unique and complex his tone and flow for rap is.

His passion for dance is something I feel as well. When I watch him dance, especially freestyle, I can see the emotion and how good he feels. He may not be smiling, but I know that look, I know what he's feeling. It's indescribable. And to try to explain to someone why you feel compelled to dance and put your all into it, is almost impossible.

It feels like your nurturing your soul with something it needs in order to survive. Like eating to satiate your hunger. It's almost a basic need.

He's a happy virus and so am I. Which is why I love him.

He gets others to be goofy, even without their permission. He just brings those smiles and laughs out.

But I also feel for him because it's a really hard role to fill.

I'm that individual in my family. I'm the middle man and it can be very stressful and draining to make sure everyone is happy and getting along. Because if they aren't, it feels like I failed them even if it's out of my control.

Yes, he's sexy...

And of course his silly antics always cheer me up...

But there's so much more to why he's my bias.

Who was your first bias? Did it change over time?

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Hobi, yes!!! And omg that elevator gif from Rookie Kings... I died when I watched that episode...
Aww!! 😊😊 Ahh for me it was a rollercoaster! Bts are all so special and they each have charms that make them so unique , it was hard to decide so i just went on until i realized mine was Jimin 😊 and the rest are bias wreckers cause i really love them all πŸ˜† Oh crap, sorry the comment is so long! I didnt mean for it to turn into a paragraph πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and also, could you please tag me? i love your cards! 😊
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Yes!! Ughh such beautiful life ruiners.! 😲
My original bias was like the entire maknae line πŸ˜‚. Usually when people first enter the BTS fandom they're who they gravitate towards because of their looks and playfulness and whatnot, but later on I grew out of that phase and started noticing the hyung line more. Jhope caught my attention with those dance moves and goofiness and became my bias wrecker but now he's my UB and always will be ❀️☺️
Namjoon, but Suga is slowly trying to take his spot
Yoongi was my very first. ❀️ Then J-Hope.😍 Then Jin.😘Now V!❀️❀️