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Someone give me a good K-Drama to watch. It can be past or present. Looking to get deeper into it. Thanks loves ❤
Kill Me Heal Me ♡ Shine Or Go Crazy ♡ Lie To Me ♡ Murphy's Law of Love ♡ (TDrama) Marry Me Mary ♡ Emergency Couple Pride and Prejudice Skip Beat (Tdrama with Siwon and Donghae) Panda and Hedgehog When A Man Loves ♡ Oh My Ghostess Can't Lose Coffee Prince Sensory Couple PS Man (Tdrama) ♡ Beethoven Virus Pinnochio♡ Fabulous Boys (Tdrama)♡ You're Beautiful (original Kdrama Verizon of Fabulous Boys)♡ New Heart Fated to Love (preferred the Kdrama over the Tdrama) ♡ Oh My Lady Secret Garden ♡ Hyde, Jekyll, and I Hong Gil Dong Witch's Romance (way better than the Tdrama version My Queen. Both male leads are great but the difference is in the female lead) To the Beautiful You Pretty Man She Was Pretty♡ Dr. Jin Absolute Boyfriend (Tdrama) Devil Beside Me (Tdrama) Oh My Venus New Heart My Princess My Love From Another Star City Hunter Personal Taste Faith Boys Over Flower High School Love On King of Drama Exhibition of Fireworks Who are You (w Ok Taecyeon not the other one) I Hear Your Voice Dr Stranger Descendents of the Sun ♡ Innocent Man ♡ Daebak (AKA Jackpot) The Entertainer Ms Temper and Nam Miss Rose (Tdrama) Protect the Boss Drama Go Go Go (Tdrama) Singles Villa (Tdrama) ToGetHer Poseidon Dream High ♡ Dream High 2 Lucky Romance ♡ Another Miss Oh Hae Young Monster♡ Beautiful Mind♡ Let's Fight Ghost Jealousy Incarnate Refresh Man (TDrama) Fall In Love With Me (TDrama)♡ Just You (TDrama) Love In Time (TDrama) Happy Michelin Kitchen (TDrama) Cinderella and Four Knights ♡ Doctors AKA Doctor Crush Uncontrollably Fond ♡ W-Two Worlds ♡ Dream Knight* ♡ To Be Continued* Noble My Love * ♡ EXO Next Door* Choco Bank* ♡ Youth* Dramaworld * Orange Marmalade* Love Cell* * = mini dramas I have enjoyed all of these but the ones with a ♡ are my top choices.
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I've seen quite a few Olin your list and I approve since you hearted my favorite Pinocchio! Just You is my favorite T-drama 💜
I'll recommend my Top 2. 1. Pinocchio 2. Healer BONUS DRAMAS: W - Two World's (Finishes airing very soon, waiting for the last episode and it's addicting) Descendants of the Sun Cinderella and the Four Knights (Still airing but I'm too addicted!) Bring It On Ghost (Finished airing not too long ago and it was amazing!) These are a few of my recommendations! 💜
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Thank you, I only recommended some of my current favorites!
well @TaraJenner got them all! I am currently watching "let's fight gohst" and Cinderella and her four knights, scarlet heart: reyo just started, there are solo many... get the viki app. and in pay 10 dollars a month for Dramafever and I love it!!! goof luck.
Haha, I know @TaraJenner is ahead of the game. And thank you! ❤
W and Vampire Prosecutor
Descendants of the Sun and Orange Marmalade:)
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well for me at least, but I was hooked from ep 1
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