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This one is really really really reeeeaaaallly short (like 90 words) But its extremely important for the story line. Trust Me!!!!
Hey Mark its Bam Bam, It started a while back I would say. Right around the time when You and Jackson started to room together. I noticed a change but I didn't say anything, I thought maybe Yugie was just tired, we all were but we are best friends and we did tell eachother everything. Yugyeom came to me the night after we had texted you, he seemed buzzed up while talking to me probably had something to do with you Mark Hyung. however it was aparent that Yugie wasn't happy with the fact that You and Jackson had made up. Also the manager finally released a statement that you have left Got7 for the time being and the fans are reacting like usual, hash tagging JYP to ask why, what had happened to you and if you are ever coming back? Which brings me to what im about to say even though i shouldn't. I don't know if you've noticed or not but Yugie likes you alot Mark, as in more than friends....and right now the comments the fans are making, you leaving, the stress of work plus the lack of sleep, are really taking its toll on him. He locked himself in his room and he's not opening the door for anybody. Jackson tried to talk to him earlier but he told him to F**k off through the door, if you can get in contact with him please do, we are all worried about him, he wont even read our text messages, i think if its you he'll speak up. Thanks Mark keep in touch bro. *-Voicemail sent-*