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Who:Reader X Woo Jiho (Zico) What: I don't even know y'all (No angst though) Chapter 5 Story: You and your best friend Park Jihoon left America to be apart of the South Korean K-pop group called NTERNational. Two years have gone by and while the popularity of the group has grown you, as the only female of the group, have been starting to feel like you need to step up in order to get the group to the top. Good thing you meet the one rapper out there that challenges you to be the best...
Y/N's POV While you were at lunch you noticed something strange.... Both Zico and Haneul had their hands all over you. Zico had lifted your chin with his finger. After he did that, Haneul turned your head to face him with his finger. His face got really close to yours making you laugh and you put your hands in his face to lightly push him away. Zico flashed an odd smile towards Haneul after that but you had no idea what that was all about. Zico asked you questions about yourself, where did you live in America, how do you like living in Seoul? Do you have any siblings, why did you get into rap, who was your inspiration? You didn't have time to get nervous around him anymore, Haneul was there and by your side so you kept calm. His arm was resting on the booth just behind you. Every once in a while he'd fix your jacket from falling off of your shoulder. Zico's eyes seemed to catch every movement Haneul made especially when he touched you. When Haneul went to use the bathroom, Zico moved in beside you making you flustered. He noticed and laughed at your nervousness. "What's going on with you and Wang?" he asked. You looked at him confused. "What do you mean? We're band mates and he's one of my best friends." You said. "You two aren't dating?" Zico said. You laughed, "Normally people ask if I'm dating G.O. Wang Oppa and I aren't seeing each other. I'm sure I'm just a friend to him." "You don't like him?" "Hmmm. Well when we first met I did but we work together. Things like that can get messy. It's too scary, I don't want to think about the fact that if we had started dating it would cause problems with the group. Besides I only have crushes on most rappers. Eventually it all goes away." you said. You were looking at the empty seat before you then you turned to look at Zico. His eyes were looking down as if he were looking at your lips. Unconsciously, you bit your bottom lip as you stared at his lips in turn. He was really good looking. Most of your nervousness came from the fact that he was an amazing rapper and you were his biggest fan. Now your nervousness was coming from the fact that his lips slightly turned you on. You took in a deep breath, your eyes getting wide as you realized what you were thinking about. You turned your head so you couldn't look at him. You let out a breath that you had no idea you were holding. His hand brushed against yours and you jumped slightly. He chuckled, "My ideal type are girls with nice thighs." he said. His eyes shifted to your sweatpants. His hand moved slowly as if he was testing to see if you'd stop him from touching you. You were screaming in your head. What were you supposed to do? We're you supposed to stop him? You really didn't want to. Before you knew it his hand was wrapped around your thigh and you inhaled slightly shy and nervous. You swallowed hard not knowing what to do. You normally felt up on the boys, you flirted with Haneul during the Excuse Me performance and the music video. Never had a guys touch made your heart race like this though. You never felt this nervous, or this confused and your body never heated up this way. "I think your sexy Y/N." he whispered in your ear. The sound of his smooth whisper in your ear made you shutter. Your stomach oddly coiled at the tickle of his breath against your ear and neck. You could feel your face heat up and you looked down tucking your own hands between your warm thighs and clasping them together. Your breath was oddly out of order as you tried to get yourself to calm down. You had been flustered before but had you ever been turned on like this? Why was this happening just now? Zico slowly pulled his hand back from your thigh. You turned your head a little to see his face. He was silently laughing, "That's a cute reaction for someone so hardcore. We should go out sometime. Just the two of us, would you like to go out Saturday?" You blinked at him with wide eyes, "Y-You're asking me out?" you said. He smiled and nodded, "What do you say?" "Um." you were stunned. You were excited but you were stunned. Haneul came back up to the table and he looked at you then at Zico. He seemed a bit annoyed that Zico took his seat. Zico threw his hand up in defense and then stood up to get out of the booth and back to his side. You looked out the window trying to rid yourself of the blush on your face. Haneul made you look at him and pressed his forehead to yours. That took you by surprise but then you calmed down for a second. You took in a deep breath and he pulled away from you. He patted your head before he looked back at Zico. Haneul treated you like a kid sometimes, you didn't see why Zico would ask if you two were together. He always acted like your brother. Zico and Haneul seemed to be staring daggers at each other, "Hey what's going on with you two? Is there a rivalry going on I don't know about?" you said. You leaned against the table to look at both men. Zico looked at you then back to Haneul and you noticed the smirk Zico gave Haneul. "Do you want to tell her or should I?" Zico said. Haneul sighed, "I'll tell her." he said. You sat up and looked at Haneul curiously. What was going on? "Both of us want you Y/N." he said. You looked at him in shock for a second then you just stared and started laughing. "What kind of joke is that? I'm not that great for anyone to be interested in me." you said. You were still laughing when you felt Haneul's hand come up to your neck and his face was just inches from yours. You looked him in the eyes and he said, "It's no joke, both of us want you but it's up to you to decide which one of us you want." You knew he wasn't joking by the look in his eye. Wait what the hell! When did he start liking you? In the beginning of your debut, you two bumped heads all the time half way through the first year you two became close but you figured him and Jihoon were closer than you and him. They had spent a lot of time together. You two were spending a lot of time together just recently because you two wanted to create a mixtape together. You were putting together some material that you could present to your manager. You looked at Zico whose eyes were on the hand that Haneul had on your neck. You looked back to Haneul and shook your head, "How am I supposed to decide something like that? Haneul we work together, we see each other every day you can't just say stuff like that without thinking of the consequences." you said. "I have thought of them but I like you too much to care about them. You've known me longer than Zico anyway at the very least I come before him in your heart right? Even if you didn't feel the same way back, you can't possibly love Zico." "Saying I love either of you would give you the wrong impression. Haneul I may know you but- we work together and you've been my friend for so long. You always treat me like a kid I didn't think that you'd like me. Zico, I've admired you as a rapper for such a long time but you work at the same company too. I don't really know you beyond being the great rapper and leader from Block B." you said. "That's why you should go out with me. You'll get to know me Y/N." Zico said. You sighed, "This is an awkward situation." you said. You asked Haneul to get out of the booth and you slipped out. Haneul remained standing and Zico stood up. "Uh I'm gonna head back to the practice room. This is just a lot of- I just need to- calm down." You said. "Okay." Haneul said. He gently brushed your hair behind your ear. The contact soothed you but confused you further. You turned slightly and walked away to get into your car. All of you had taken your own cars to get there and the bill was already paid, you were simply lingering to chat. You drove straight to the practice room. Jihoon had called you but you ignored the call and hooked up your phone to start playing music. The music blared throughout the room and you danced to it effortlessly. Even the slight distraction of Haneul saying he wanted you and that Zico wanted you too didn't keep you from dancing in sync. You had more Jay Park songs playing and tried to skip past Zico's songs. You didn't want to listen to him just yet you wanted to clear your mind. It didn't take long for you to get lost in the music though. You were sweating again, your hair sticking to your face as you moved. Your abs were burning from some of the dance moves. Some required a lot of core strength. You worked on your flips as well and before you had realized it, two hours had passed. Out of those two hours you took maybe two or three breaks. You were tired and panting, you walked up to your phone to stop the music. You hadn't heard the door open but once the music was off and you turned around you saw Zico standing there. "Y/N I'm sorry that we freaked you out." he said. "I'm just- confused. What are you two thinking anyway competing against each other?" you said. "Well neither one of us wants to let you go. I don't want you with him and he doesn't want you with me. That's why I asked you out. I had to before he said anything." Zico says. "Why do you even like me?" you said confused. He stepped forward until he was close enough to cup your face. An instant twist in your stomach came. "You challenge me to be a better rapper. I like that and you're really sexy. You have great thighs." he said. You chuckled, "How would you even know that?" "I saw them on the V app when you were wearing shorts. You should show them off more." he said. "Right so you have even more of a reason to attack me. I can see you looking-" He cut you off by catching your lips with his. He walked you back into the back wall where the mirrors weren't at. He deepened his kiss by letting his tongue graze your lips. When you gasped, his tongue slipped in and kissed you hard. You let out a soft moan in his mouth. He pushed closer to you and you could feel his hands move under your tank top. The way he softly touched your body sent shivers through you. You grabbed his hand to try and stop him but your hands had no strength. His lips moved from yours down to your neck. The moan you made you didn't even recognize as your own voice. You put your hand on his shoulder to push him away, "Zico please stop." you said. He kissed your collar bone a few more times before he looked up at you. His eyes had gone dark. He got even closer to you and your leg slipped between his legs to feel something hard. Your eyes got wide and you looked down then at him. That was the reason you stopped him but a simple kiss made him like this? Maybe what he was thinking made him like this. "We can't, I can't." you said. "You sounded like you wanted me too. Were you thinking about him?" he asked. "Zico none of us are thinking at all. You're working on another album. I have to focus on improving my skills. Haneul and I have to work on our music separate from the group. I have a concert coming up that's just too much happening at one moment Zico. You two acting like children arguing over one piece of candy while in a candy shop is ridiculous. I'm a leader and a friend and a rapper I'm not meant to be a playmate." you ranted. "You're not a playmate Y/N. Wang really likes you and in all honesty he knows you more than me but I do like you too. I'd like to get to know you more. You're an exciting performer you get my blood pumping. After your performance on Countdown, I felt like I had to go back to the drawing board and figure out how to one up you. Someone that makes me feel like I have to fight is the excitement I'm looking for." he said. "You should choose me, I can challenge you too." he finished. "It's not fair to Haneul. And Jihoon would kill me if he found out about all of this. Either one I choose could still ruin the group. I can't do it. I'm sorry Zico but NTERNational is more important to me than all of this." you said. Zico pulled away from you but he smiled as he put his hands in his pockets. "Looks like you know how to be a true leader, putting the group before yourself. Just don't forget, you don't have to sacrifice everything just for the group. See you around. Stop by the studio tomorrow, I want to hear what you wrote." he said. "What do you mean?" you asked. He'd walked to the door already and your body had finally calmed down. He looked back at you, his hand on the door handle and he said, "Rappers always rap with confidence but they also use their life experiences to help them out in their raps just like all artists do. I'm sure you'll be writing something tonight." He walked out of the practice room after that but boy was he ever right. You got back to the dorm and passed by all the boys saying hi to them but nothing more. They knew not to bother you after that. You were in creative mode. You wrote best when you had something personal to write about. You felt like you were lacking recently because your inspiration had some how gone away. Your fears of being a terrible leader and a rapper whose skills were weakened some how got recharged when Zico said you challenged him. He actually felt the need to be better than you and you didn't want to give him the satisfaction of actually being better than you. You wanted to make it harder for him and you would. You and Haneul and the others would be far better than you already were. That's what created the song Fight Night: Tiger: I thought I wasn't a leader, I fell short of my calling My boys said I was just fine but that doesn't help. I'm asking for respect , see me as a rapper I want to dominate the planet. NTERNational flying over seas in first class. You thought it might be easy to knock me off my feet. I'm acting like a Saiyan because I gain strength in defeat. I was sitting on low battery but now I'm recharged. I'm coming hard at these ass wack rappers. You might want play this trump card. All hail the queen when I step up in the building. So cute but if you touch me you'll be all up in your feelings. I'll knock your lights out. I got a swing so hard you about to get hit with a curve ball. You won't see me coming. I am the tiger, a killer. I know you want to catch me but this is my jungle. So step back before you get hurt boys. Oh baby baby, it's too crazy can't you see. I'm not in this game to lose. I play to win I play for keeps. I'm such a triplet threat they aiming their guns at me. Too scared to approach me. When they hear me roar, I'm about to go crazy. Samurai skills, cut of their heads. Rappers wanna battle me but they all end up dead. I'm so vicious no one can ever tame me. Badass bitch but American blood. I'm so hard I can get your girl off long before you could. Just by a few phrases. Keep up your tactics You want to try to confuse me but it's all in vain I'm like a bomb you can't defuse. once I go off all of you rappers lose. You're like a hurricane, exciting in the beginning but in the end you're leaving in disaster. Step up to me, you claim to run this house well I own these streets. Oh They want you to show ID but when I come in the club they step aside for me. Wake up, wake up it's time to get your gloves on. Keep your guard up. I'm coming out swinging. You better be prepared cause you about to about to get knocked out. Ha Ha Ha Ha Yo this is Fight night. You started writing out lyrics to a quick beat you made. Haneul had stepped into the room and you hadn't paid attention to him. You were too focused in what you were doing. You felt him remove your note pad from your under your hand while you were fixing the music. You had sirens at the beginning of the song like an emergency warning. You could just picture a music video for that opening alone. You looked to Haneul, "What do you think?" you asked. "It's really good. Go back to the first verse though just look it over for a second okay? Make sure the flow works." he said. You nodded. You sat down and looked at it. Yeah it could all use some fine tuning but as a first time attempt you were okay with it. You yawned into the sleeve of your sweat jacket. All thoughts about Zico's hands on you and his lips against yours were gone. You were now focused on upstaging him. He'd given you determination to keep pressing forward. "Y/N." Haneul said. You looked up at him, "Yeah?" "I wouldn't let anything get in the way of our group you know that right? I want you to choose me but if you don't I won't let it effect the group. NTERNational comes first." he said. You looked at him and sighed, "I don't know what to do with you two. I didn't even know you liked me. Or am I wrong and this is just a war of who can sleep with me first?" you asked. "No that's not what it is. At least not for me. I always hid how I felt because at first I wasn't sure but then when I knew it was true I thought it would be a bad thing to say it. I didn't want our time spent together to stop. I didn't want to cause problems but I also don't like him touching you. Even if you can't see it, I can. You're terribly innocent Y/N guys like Zico can eat you a live." "That doesn't make this any better Haneul. Zico gives me the excitement I need to want to be a better rapper and leader but you keep me calm and protect me. You know I like rappers, I liked you when we first met even if we were always arguing. Still you're my roommate and my group member, you're my best friend. There's so many lines we'd be crossing and there's so much that we're doing right now. I don't even know how to be in a relationship I've never been in one. You guys are saying you want me and I've never- You know." "You know neither one of us would force you into doing something you didn't want to do." he said. "Haneul I know that but you'll want it anyway, you'll expect it. What happens if I say I'm not ready and we've been going out for six months or a year. Would you be able to handle that? I'm comfortable around boys and I get along with them because I have six brothers and my best friend in the world is a guy. Getting in a relationship changes everything, I won't be able to crawl in bed next to Jihoon if I get scared by a thunder storm. I won't be allowed to walk around the house in my tank top, Jihoon already told me I can't wear my sports bras around like I did when we were in America because there's too many guys. I'm not saying this is the dynamic I want my entire life to be like but aside from having to be okay with that change, the guy I end up with has to be okay with the men I surround myself with and the men I admire. I will never have a really close girlfriend. Are you even okay with that?" you said. Haneul looked back at you like he wasn't sure. He knew the point you were trying to make. He placed his hands on the chair of your seat and leaned in to kiss you. It wasn't as sudden as Zico's. It didn't catch you off guard he purposely moved that slow so he could give you the chance to say no. When his lips pressed against yours, when his tongue asked for access and you granted it to him, you could hear the slight wet sound of your kisses echo in the room. It was quiet and a small room and it seemed like everything got emphasized by his kiss. The only place his hand touched was your neck and when he cupped your cheek. He pulled back at little and you followed for a second and stopped. "I saw him kiss you in the practice room. I was coming to talk to you when I saw him do it. I guess this makes us even then. Maybe now you can figure out who you want.... You should go on the date with him. The sooner you can figure out who you want the better." "Haneul." "I won't be upset, loving someone also means knowing when to let go. If you choose him I won't like it but if he makes you happy I won't get upset. Although, you should known I can make you happy too." he said. You stared at him, two guys had kissed you in one day. They both wanted you and all you wanted to do was focus on making NTERNational the best. What were you supposed to do? Keep your eyes on your career or let yourself fall in love?
date them both lol
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Ohhhh snap!!! Who do I choose!!???? Hanuel is right I should go on the date but is Zico just trying to get in my pants!?? Do they really have feelings for me!!???
Wow! To be stuck with problems like that! lol Two hot boys wanting you!😆
I think she should at least give Hanuel a chance.. I don't know its too hard to choose!!!
OMG! How can she chose? Its really a hard decision to make. I can't wait to who ends up with her. ☺
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