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Just as there are amazing male characters in Guilty Crown, there are just as many great female characters to complement them, each being individual and interesting in their own right. So like last time, it was a close decision, but my fav female character from GC is........*drumrolls*

The lovestruck, sweet angel herself, Hare Menjou! I honestly, fell in love with her character due to her personality. Like seriously, who wouldn't want someone that kind to be their friend? I would, especially cause the object of her affection is too oblivious to see her true feelings towards him. But the the final nail in the coffin that just cinched Hare being my favorite was *spoilers* the moment that she died, while healing Shu with her Void, the Lover's Bandages

Plus I think she looks really nice in a swimsuit :$ (Don't Judge)

Well that does it for this day's topic of the guilty Crown Challenge! Hopefully you guys are enjoying it and are more interested in the anime! Stay tuned for tomorrow's topic, Favorite Moment (WTF, Romantic, ,Shocking, etc)

Tagging! (let me know if you dont want to be tagged)
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Don't think I'll be able to participate buddy :/ not even half way with the show yet if I finish by weekend, I'll make a card with all the prompts
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Me too! But I must say at this point, Shu pisses me off! Being a fool, cant stand him!