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Hello vinglers! I come to you all once again with yet another oneshot! This one features Suho, our sassy leader and rich man of the group! This is my first entry for @SarahVanDorn's fanfic contest. More details here: now enjoy reading!
Warning Smut Fluff For mature readers only Freaky kinky Nasty scenes Graphic fan fiction Scroll down at your own risk
Intense (a Suho oneshot) He looked at you with those big puppy dog eyes wanting to ask you something. "Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked. "Yes!" You replied all giddy and happy. He turned off the lamp in the tent and he threw the covers of the sleeping bags over the both of you as he kissed your lips and stripped you and himself. You were doing the same thing in return as you run your fingers through his hair and you rub yourself on his crotch at a pace that was sure to drive the both of you insane. He then hovered over you and he slammed his dick up your hole like he was slamming the door to his apartment out of anger. You let out a high moan of pleasure as he kissed your neck and he grinded on top your pelvis. Your hands were on his back, touching him and pulling him closer until you rolled over and you rubbed yourself on him again and you kissed his neck with passion. You leaned to the side as you hook your legs on his back and kiss him endlessly. He return the gesture without a doubt in his mind. You both were crazy for eachother, you just couldn't stop making love to eachother until you both gasped for air. You push the covers off of you and Suho as you cover your boobs. "Round two?" He asked. "Absolutely!" You replied. You pull the covers over you again as he licks your buns and massages them like ice cream on a cone. He licked you all over until you were dry and he poked his tongue up your hole as he licked all over your insides. Your juices were flourishing everywhere, he licked it all up and he ate you out until you were dry and clean. You then squeeze his dick and lick the tip and spit out your saliva as you licked his black cherries until they were numb. Then you poked your tongue up in between his black cherries as you moved around his insides until your tongue was numb. You then lay down as you let him kiss your neck. He groped your boobs and squeezed them like cushions as he licked your nipples and twirled his tongue around them. You rubbed his chest, touching his muscles, hard as rocks, as you sweated and you fanned yourself to stay cool. He then hovered over you still, and kissed your lips as he rolled his hips on your pelvic bone until his dick slid up in your hole and you rolled over and grinded on his crotch like crazy, it wore you out and you just passed out as his dick slid out your hole and you were done for the night. He combed your hair with his fingers and he fell asleep right next to you. The next morning you rise from your sleep, only to find yourself nude next to your boyfriend who was also nude as you shook him awake. "Suho!" You yelled at him as you covered your boobs. "What is it-" Suho replied groggily until he found himself nude next to you as he covered his crotch with the covers. "What the heck happened last night?" You asked him. "I don't know, all I remember last night was that I asked you to be my girlfriend and you said yes." He replied. "Then after that, it was all a blur." "That's all I remember too, looks like we really did it." You reply. You both look for your clothes and you both dressed yourselves. You then head outside the tent for some fresh air. "You hungry?" You ask Suho. "Yeah, I'm starving!" He replied. "Shall we?" He asked with a hand to hold. "We shall!" You reply holding his hand as you both head towards the main hall where the food was.
I hope you all enjoyed! If you want more oneshots from me, please suggest someone! Thanks for reading!