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Today is our @Helixx Girl’s birthday!!!
Let’s celebrate with Jimin….I am sure you don’t mind to get a bit messy
And don’t worry Ravi will get you clean
GD will get you the drink
And please stay awake!!! there is “private party” for you to celebrate alone!!! ENJOY your Birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HELIXX!!!
something to keep you party all night!!!!
If you are tried..... don't worry there is "special surprise" in bed waiting for you!!!!
OMG!!!! THANK YOU @lovetop!!! I love this card!
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Happy birthday @Helixx!!! Thank you so much for keeping us updated on @BBXGD's condition. I hope you've been having a day as awesome as you 😘😘
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Thank you so much @Krin. That's really sweet of you, and you are very welcome.
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