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Day 15 question is Who's my favorite animal sidekick/pet or summoning from any anime? Well I hate to say this but those characters ofter slip my mind easily so here are the ones I had no problem remembering!
Happy!!! From Fairy Tail is the exceed that is always with Natsu! Happy is my favorite exceed in the show followed by Froche and Lily! Happy is the whole package! Funny, brave, loving, and best of all he's a major Troll!!!
The pig that'll eat everything even Meliodas cooking! From The Seven Deadly Sins, Hawk!!! This pig I'd hilarious and it's gets even better since now in the second season he's a miniature of his old self!
From Re:Zero, the super adorable and not to mention powerful, Puck! She will kill anyone who messes with her Emilia, very viciously at that! Plus she's is so damn cute and soft and I really want to hold and pet her!!!
Well that would be that for today so until next time, ja ne! Tagging below! If you wish to be added let me know! @hikaymm @AimeBolanos @otakudemon10 @biancadanica98 @belakttocs @SAMURXAI
I love Hawk!