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Chapter 5 is up! This is a bit early because I won't be able to post this weekend since I am going somewhere. Hope you guys like this one. :)
"Eh?" Oboe's eyes widened at the unusual request, then as if he realized what was happening, he suddenly pried Arima away from Ryota and threw him on the other futon. Arima woke up with a start and he glared at the two of them in annoyance, "What the hell are you doing, Katsumoto?!"
"I could ask the same to you, Kazuya-sama." Oboe said, regaining his cool, "It seems you're going back to your old habits."
Old habits? Arima's eyes widened in surprise as he turned to Ryota who was frowning at him in confusion. Then something amazing happened when Arima's cheeks turned bashfully pink. Ryota gasped as Arima blushed embarrassingly in front of him.
"What? What's up with that face?" Ryota yelped in surprise.
"Shut up!" Arima scolded, "You're annoying."
"You're blushing! What's up with that? I didn't know you could do that!"
"Shut the fuck up if you still want to live."