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Who: BTS x Reader
Genre: School Life, Romance, Fluff, mild angst
Warning: Language
If you missed a chapter! (/^▽^)/
Yoongi POV
When Yoongi arrived in the music room he saw Jimin pacing uncontrollably. He sat his stuff down and stood watching Jimin walk up and down the length of the room. “Jimin?” Yoongi asked worriedly. Jimin didn’t hear or notice Yoongi when he entered the room. Yoongi walked up grabbing Jimin’s hand making him turn to face him. “Jimin, what’s wrong,” Yoongi asked his eyes filled with concern.
As soon as Jimin’s eyes met Yoongi’s he instantly started crying. “H-Hyun-Hyung…” Jimin sobbed. Yoongi pulled him in close smoothing his hair in his arms. A small smile spread across Yoongi’s lips with Jimin in his arms. “Tell me what’s wrong Jimin. Why are you crying?” Jimin said nothing as he wrapped his arms around Yoongi and hid his face in Yoongi’s neck. Yoongi narrowed his eyes in worry at Jimin’s odd behavior. Pushing Jimin back, Yoongi moved his head trying to look at Jimin’s face while he stared at the ground. “Jimin, what’s going on?” Yoongi asked feeling more concerned every second.
Jimin shook his head and covered his face while taking in a deep breath to calm himself. “Jimin… whatever it is, it can’t be that bad. What has you so freaked out that you are crying,” Yoongi asked starting to get impatient. “Hyung,” Jimin started while lifting his eyes to meet Yoongi’s, “I’ve ruined everything.” Yoongi narrowed his eyes at Jimin, “What do you mean you ruined everything? I don’t see anything ruined.”
“All the work we have done to keep the secret is probably ruined.”
Yoongi’s heart raced slightly. “Wait, what? What do you mean?”
“There is a girl named Nana who knows.”
“Okay yeah I remember her. We had a conversation about that.”
“Yeah well now she is blackmailing me with it and I didn’t do what she asked me to do so she’s probably going to tell everyone. I was supposed to bring [Y/N] somewhere so she could hurt her, but I didn’t want to and-”
Yoongi started laughing at Jimin bringing his hand to cover his mouth. “If I remember right you said this Nana girl was crazy, right?”
Jimin looked at Yoongi confused. “Yeah?”
“Jimin listen to me.” Yoongi placed his hand on Jimin’s head smiling. “She probably knew you weren’t going to do it anyway.”
“You’re stressing about something silly. Besides, if the secret gets out then it gets out. Everything will be fine. I promise. I won’t let others hurt you.” Yoongi’s expression suddenly went serious making Jimin feel a little nervous. Jimin nodded in response smiling nervously. “Now Jimin, should we work on the songs or should we go outside and enjoy the weather?”
Jimin smiled widely making Yoongi smile as well. “Let’s enjoy the weather hyung.”
Yoongi ruffled Jimin’s hair then pushed it back out of his face smiling at him. “Should we get ice cream or something,” Yoongi asked making sure Jimin’s hair was out of his eyes. Jimin nodded and the two of them grabbed their things to leave.
Before they left the school Jimin went to the bathroom to wash his tears face from his tears. Yoongi leaned against the wall while waiting for Jimin. He pulled his phone out and sent a quick text to someone then slipped his phone back into his pocket.
Jimin POV
Splashing water on his face Jimin could feel his worries wash away. He wiped his face dry with a paper towel and looked back at the mirror. “Oh crap,” Jimin exclaimed noticing the fading bruises on his face. “I totally forgot I was wearing makeup!” Yoongi came walking into the bathroom startling Jimin. “Hey what’s taking so long,” Yoongi asked standing near the door. Jimin turned away from Yoongi in panic. “Jimin? What’s wrong?” Yoongi approached Jimin with concern lightly grabbing his shoulder, “Jimin?”
“I’m fine hyung. I just need a second.”
“Jimin are you still crying?”
“No I’m not. Just give me a second.”
Yoongi forced Jimin to turn around and instantly noticed Jimin’s face. Pulling his hands up to his face, Jimin tried to hide the light bruises. “Jimin, who did this to you,” Yoongi roughly pulled Jimin’s hands from his face and forced him to look at him. “Jimin. What happened to your face,” Yoongi asked angrily.
“Hyung, it’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.”
“What happened to you? Why haven’t I noticed these earlier?”
“Really hyung it’s nothing. And I have been wearing makeup to hide the marks.”
“Wait what?” Yoongi placed his hand lightly on one of the bruises. Jimin looked up at Yoongi feeling embarrassed.
“Yeah. I’ve been wearing makeup to hide the marks on my face since Wednesday.”
“Wednesday!?” Sighing heavily Yoongi turned away from Jimin briefly and let his hand slip from Jimin’s face to his shoulder. “Seriously?” Jimin nodded in response. “I can’t believe I didn’t notice. I’m sorry Jimin.”
“Hyung it’s okay. I didn’t want you to notice. I didn’t want you to worry.”
“Well I am worried!” Yoongi yelled looking at Jimin feeling hurt. “Why didn’t you tell me Jimin?”
Someone walked into the bathroom looking at both Jimin and Yoongi making them feel uncomfortable. Yoongi grabbed Jimin’s hand pulling him out of the bathroom and down the hall to exit the school. As soon as they were out of the school building they walked out of the gate trying to find a place that was more private. Once Yoongi found a place he turned to Jimin to continue the conversation. Jimin looked at Yoongi nervously, afraid of what he might say about the marks on his face. “I really wish you would have told me about what happened to you. You know I will protect you.” Jimin noticed how hurt Yoongi looked. Jimin lightly grabbed Yoongi’s hand and smiled at him sweetly. “I’m sorry hyung. I was just scared I guess.”
“Do the others know about the marks?”
“No, I didn’t tell anyone. Nobody knows.”
“Can you tell me what happened? Did you get mugged or something?” Jimin let out a laugh and covered his mouth with his free hand. Yoongi squeezed Jimin’s hand in his. “Jimin I’m being serious. Did someone mug you? I knew you shouldn’t be walking home alone.” Jimin’s laugh became a little louder. Jimin rested his head on Yoongi’s shoulder while laughing as Yoongi continued to complain. “Hyung,” Jimin said through laughter, “You’re imagination is really something hyung.”
Yoongi scoffed at Jimin tossing his head back slightly in annoyance. “Whatever. If you don’t want to tell me then I won’t worry about you anymore.” Yoongi started to walk away but Jimin kept his grip firm on Yoongi’s hand. Yoongi turned to look at Jimin and was met with his smiling face. “Hyung, I’m sorry,” Jimin said smiling. Jimin noticed Yoongi’s expression stayed hard making Jimin feel guilty. “Really hyung. I’m sorry. But what happened really wasn’t anything like that. I promise.”
“Well then why won’t you tell me what happened?”
“I just didn’t think it mattered and I didn’t want people to worry about me.”
“Can I at least know what happened?”
With a heavy sigh Jimin started to tell the story about how him and Taehyung got into a fight. Jimin explained that the fight wasn’t anything serious or anything to be worried about. Yoongi listened intently the entire time Jimin spoke. As soon as Jimin finished telling the story Yoongi understood why Jimin had been hiding it. “So Taehyung didn’t say anything to anyone about the fight you guys had either, right,” Yoongi asked with an eyebrow slightly raised.
“As far as I know he didn’t. Nobody else has asked me about it.”
Yoongi nodded and released his hand from Jimin’s. “Alright, well at least you didn’t get mugged.”
Jimin laughed again. “Hyung.”
“Don’t say anything okay?”
Yoongi smiled at Jimin seeing his worried expression. “Come on let’s go get something to eat. I’m hungry.” Yoongi started to walk away and Jimin took a few quick steps to catch up to him. The two of them walked together to a nearby coffee shop grabbing something to eat and drink then continued to walk around.
Yoongi POV
Yoongi listened to Jimin telling him all kinds of stories as they walked around. It made Yoongi happy to see him smiling so much. The two boys were walking down a scenic walkway enjoying their time together. Yoongi found a bench and sat down, Jimin joining him. They sat in silence for a while watching people and families walk by. “Do you want that Jimin,” Yoongi asked watching a family walk by.
“Do I want what?”
“A family.”
“Of course I do.”
Yoongi looked over at Jimin with a somewhat worried look. Jimin smiled over at Yoongi.
“Doesn’t mean it isn’t a family hyung.”
Yoongi blushed slightly at his response. “I know I just...” Jimin scooted closer to Yoongi then placed his hand on Yoong’s knee. Yoongi let out a happy sigh followed by a wide smile. Yoongi wrapped his arm around Jimin and pull him closer to him. “Jimin,” Yoongi said again.
“Don’t hide things from me. Okay?”
“Okay hyung. I won’t.”
“I'm one of the few people who can help you. Don’t forget I’m always on your side Jimin.”
Jimin smiled at Yoongi and took his hand back from his leg. “Thanks hyung.”
Yoongi nodded looking over at Jimin smiling. “Let me walk you home Jimin. It’s getting late.”
“I don’t need you to walk me home hyung. No one will bother me.” Jimin said laughing.
“True, your face will keep other people away well enough.” Yoongi started laughing. “But I want to take you home. Come on, let’s go.”
Yoongi stood up and helped Jimin from the bench. The two of them headed toward Jimin’s house together in mostly silence. Once they were a few blocks away from Jimin’s house Yoongi stopped and let him go the rest of the way by himself. With a parting hug Jimin walked home. Yoongi watched him a little while longer smiling then turned to walk away.
As Yoongi was walking home he pulled his phone out to make a phone call. After the phone rang a few times they finally answered. “Hello?”
“Hoseok what’s up?”
Yoongi smiled. Hoseok could always make Yoongi smile. “Hey so I need to talk to you about something.”
“Oh... okay. What’s up?”
“Well I was with Jimin earlier today and did you know he had gotten into a fight with Taehyung?”
“What? No. Is he okay?”
“Yeah mostly. His face is beat up a bit and he’s got some bruising and swelling he’s recovering from.”
“Oh my god. How did I not notice? I mean I see him everyday pretty much.”
“I know but he was wearing makeup apparently to hide it from everyone.”
“Why would he be so worried about hiding it from everyone?”
“The reason for the fight was something serious I guess. Jimin kind of explained it but it sounded like useless drama. But there is more to the issue...” Yoongi paused a moment.
“Someone is threatening to release the secret... and I don’t know what to do. I mean there are some people who know about it and Jimin is working really hard to keep it hidden but I don’t know what to do if it does get out...”
“Shit... are you serious?”
“Are you free to meet up?”
“Yeah. Music studio?
“Yeah, let me finish work and I’ll be there.”
“Kay sounds good. Send me a text when you are on your way.” Yoongi places his phone back in his pocket releasing a heavy sigh and continued home.
Namjoon POV
Throughout the entire study session Namjoon watched as [Y/N] kept herself busy. The one time she got up to use the restroom Namjoon gave a quick overview of what happened to Jungkook. Jungkook’s face became red with anger after hearing everything. “You should have hit him a few more times for me,” Jungkook said to Namjoon. Namjoon laughed and was about to respond but [Y/N] was walking back.
Both of the boys did their best to keep [Y/N] distracted. All three of them studied and joked for about four hours before the cafe started to close up. “[Y/N] do you want me to walk you home,” Jungkook asked surprising [Y/N]. “It’s okay. Thank you though,” she said shining a fake smile. He nodded and waved goodbye as he headed in the opposite direction. “I’ll walk you home,” Namjoon spoke.
“Really it’s okay. I can go by myself.”
“Yeah sorry. I’m walking you home.”
Namjoon looked down at [Y/N] as all of her fake smiles were wiped from her face and her true feelings showed. “Thank you,” was all she said before taking off in front of him. The walk to her home was filled with mostly silence until Namjoon decided to speak up. “Are you going to go back to him [Y/N]?” She didn’t answer him. Namjoon grabbed her hand and she stopped walking. Her eyes fixated on the ground. “[Y/N]...” He heard as she let out a small whimper and used her other hand to cover her face.
Pulled himself closer to her and held her close. She started crying in his arms again. He could feel her crumbling so quickly and he wanted nothing more than to keep her stable. He rest his head at the side of hers whispering in her ear, “I’m here [Y/N].” Namjoon’s arms were so tightly wrapped around her it felt like he was hugging himself. She squeezed his shirt in her hands to keep herself from falling. “Namjoon,” [Y/N] barely said through her breaths. Namjoon pushed her back slightly still keeping a firm grip on her shoulders and smiled at her. “I’m, I’m sorry you, you have to s-see me like this,” [Y/N] said looking at Namjoon’s chest.
Namjoon brought up one of his hands and lightly brushed the hair out of [Y/N]’s face. “Why are you apologizing,” he asked smiling sweetly. Namjoon moved his hands and gently wiped the tears from [Y/N]’s cheeks. “B-because, I’m probably a-anoy-annoying and I-I’m u-ugly crying,” she said through even worse hiccuped breaths.
“Shh, take a deep breath [Y/N].” Namjoon continued to play with [Y/N]’s hair. She took in a deep breath to try and help reduce her hiccups. “Now listen to me,” he started lifting her face to look at his and he smiled widely at her. “You aren’t being annoying, not even a little bit. You say you are ugly crying but you are still the most beautiful person I have ever seen.” [Y/N] looked into Namjoon’s eyes, her breaths less hiccuped as she listened to him. “If you are going to cry like this. I’d rather be the person by your side to comfort you.” He watched as [Y/N] smiled shyly. “[Y/N]...” Namjoon’s expression suddenly turned serious. “Don’t you understand I still very much care for you.” [Y/N]’s tears had nearly stopped as she blushed at Namjoon.
Namjoon closed his eyes, brought his lips to her forehead and kissed her lightly. “You’re still someone who is very special to me,” He whispered into her pale skin. After a few seconds Namjoon quickly realized what he had just done. “I’m-I’m sorry [Y/N]. I shouldn’t have done that,” he said panicking and pulling away from her face and looking away trying to hide his embarrassment. [Y/N] didn’t say anything and when Namjoon looked at her she was staring at the ground.
He lightly put his hand in the middle of her back and forced her to start walking again. Outside of the gate of her home Namjoon pat the top of her head saying, “Alright well I’ll leave you here [Y/N].” He was about to leave but [Y/N] quickly grabbed his hand stopping his actions. “Will you stay with me,” she asked with tear filled eyes. Namjoon stared down at her confused.
“Please Namjoon. My parents aren’t home and I don’t want to be alone.”
Namjoon’s face glowed a bright red and he brought a hand up to hide his shyness. “I-I don’t know [Y/N].”
“Just watch a movie with me.”
“Are you sure? You’re okay with being alone with me in your home?”
[Y/N]’s face suddenly matched the color of Namjoon’s and she quickly let go of his hand. “Y-yes,” [Y/N] said as her face grew brighter. Namjoon was shocked at her response and blushed more. “Well,” he started after clearing his throat, “then thank you for the invite.” [Y/N] looked up at him smiling, “thank you Namjoon.”
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Sweet Jimin and Yoongi time! Thank goodness Hobi knows and is willing to help. And Joonie and Kookie are good friends (or etc). But who's gonna tell sweet Jin? He deserves to know. 😕😕
I feel bad for poor Jin. Awww....Jimin and Yoongi are sweet.