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Was anyone ever a casual Kpop fan?

I feel like even when I wasn't super into the fandom, I knew this crazy amount of info about Kpop. HOW AND WHY AHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAH.
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Actually I still consider myself a casual Kpop fan. I've been a fan for over ten years now, but I don't know the personal lives of any of my faves. Like some fans can tell you the height and blood type of members. Hell, I don't even know birthdays.
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Same I've been a Kpop fan for almost 8 years but I don't know Birthdays and blood types. I respect their personal life and I try to always support them. I consider myself a casual fan
8 months ago
I was a casual fan for a month and now i have a whole 200 page notebook with all of my bias groups and info about the members i have like half of it memorized so i am like a walking kpop Wikipedia
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When I first got into it way back when I was a casual fan I only more recently really got into it
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Yep.... Korean friends ask me about what is going on with their own music... ㅋㅋㅋ
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casual kpop fan???? NO. SUCH. THING.
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