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Hey guys!!!!!! Happy Tuesday!!!!! I hope everyone is getting back to the swing of school and work!!!!!!! I'm filling in for @KaiLuhan43ver today so we're gonna switch things up again!!!!
We all know that these boys can say and do some off the wall stuff. Here we have them pretty much being themselves.
Dance off between Wookie and Yesung???? YES!!!!!!! And Teukie hyung, I'm tellin yo momma!!!!!!!
Wookie and Yesung dancing pt. 2!!!!! Whoop, Whoop!!!!!
We get another dance party featuring all of Super Junior!!!!!!! Sungmin's booty bump tho.........
Let's add a dash of memes to the mix!!
I hope you all had enough crack for tonight to brighten your day. I shall catch you all later!!!!!!
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love the Super Junior memes πŸ˜€
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Oh yeah!!!!!!!
Lol πŸ’™πŸ’™
I love the crack videos OMG That third clip though with the booty crash and them being sexy in those shirts
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the 4th one