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The steam caressed your body. The water streaming down your spine like a water fall. The bathroom door opened but you didn’t think much of it. It was probably just Junhong wanting to brush his teeth or something.
“Hey babe?” Junhong asked looking at the shower, but only seeing the steam. You replied with an hmm? Junhong pushed up his white sleeves and ran his hand through his hair.
“When’s the last time I ate you out?” You pause, feeling your face become red, your body pulsing around his words.
“What?” You asked, more shocked then you wanted to. You cleared your throat and started again. “What are you saying Junhong?” You managed.
“Well,” He started, adjusting his sleeves again. You couldn’t see him but you guessed his eyes were blinking a million times a minute. “I was thinking about you and I-I got around to thinking how much I like the way you taste..and well.”
You couldn’t say anything. You couldn’t move. This was so sudden, you were in the shower for heavens sake!
“Babe I can’t see you.” Junhong said pushing his hands in his pockets. “So could you like,” He took one of his hands out and waved it at the shower as to tell you to wipe it. You wiped a strip of fog away. “Yeah, like that. Thanks.” He said doing the same to his side. When you did nothing he bent down and looked into the clear strip. “Babe?” He said, finding your eyes. You searched your memory for the last time he… You clenched your legs together with the thought.
“I’m not sure Junhong, I-I-” Junhong cut you off with his words.
“That’s what I was afraid of.” He said, reaching back and pulling his shirt over his head. You watched as he undressed and then opened the door. You turned to face him and watched as he stepped sideways into the shower.
“Don’t be nervous baby.” Junhong said, blinking his eyes five times after he said it. He’s nervous. He’s adorable.
Taking your sponge and grabbing your body wash, Junhong starts rubbing it in with his hand. “Turn around babe.” He said softly, and you oblige. Slowly turning away from him, you take a step back so you can be closer to his body.
Junhongs sudsy hands come to your neck. His long fingers stretching over your vulnerable flesh. He trails his way down to your breasts, flexing his hands to grope you. You lean into the touch, softly moaning. Junhongs head comes to rest on the top of yours as his hands keep working. You sway with his force and moan into the pleasure.
His fingers roll over your nipples, the soap making his fingers slip. You cry out when he finally pinches at them. He softly groans into your ear and you bite your lip at the sound.
“Baby.” He says, grabbing your nipples and pulling again. “Is this making you wet?” Junhong asks, and your body shakes with his tone. His voice having so much effect on you. “Yes.” You breathe, and he chuckles,
only making you moan more.
One of his hands slid down to your throbbing core, leaving a trail of soap behind. His long digit falls into your wetness and he groans into your ear. The sound was extremely sexy and your body reacted. Swaying your hips back against his member to feel how hard he was.
Your core throbbed in the most sensual way as Junhong pushed in and out of you. Moaning into the warm water, you pushed yourself higher onto his fingers and back against his cock. You turned slightly and whimpered at the way his fingers moved to adjust. Junhong pushed quicker into you and curled his fingers around a certain spot that had you seeing white. Trying to find balance your hand came into his hair. Tightening around his damp locks.
Junhong twisted his fingers inside and you moaned out as the knot in your stomach clenched. He then twisted his fingers out of you and you whimper at the loss.
“Junhong..” You breathe, your eyes pleading with him to return you to your orgasm. He turned and slid around you so you were now facing him. Junhong lowered himself to one knee and then the other. You watched as he pushed his now soaked hair out of his face and looked up at your naked form. He shot you a smirk that had you squeezing your legs together for any kind of contact you could get.
Junhongs hands came to your ankles, moving your feet apart so he could have access to your dripping goods. His tongue came to your center and gave you little licks all the way up to your clit before he took it into his mouth. Sucking on the flesh, drawing out moans from you. His fingers came back to you, and you grabbed for his shoulders for balance.
“Junhong..” You breathed quickly, turning your body away from him. Junhong gripped onto your thighs and pushed off into the direction you turned. Sending your back against the showers wall. You cried out at the sudden force as the water sloshed at the bottom of the tub and Junhong hummed and groaned into your core.
He picked up the pace. Eating you out quickly. His tongue darting in and out of you, licking around the inside of your rim, making your stomach clench and your body shake. His fingers came up to pinch your clit and you moaned at the contact.
Junhong continued to hum into to, to let you know how much he was enjoying this. While his thumb did circles on your clit. He moved, his lips taking your plump nub into his mouth while his fingers worked inside of you. Junhong twists his long fingers into you. They shook from his adrenaline, which made you moan even louder. His lips popped off of your clitoris as he came up for air.
“You taste so good, baby. We should do this more often.” He said looking up at you. Junhong flashed you a devilish smirk and the plunged his fingers into you quickly. You scratched at his shoulders as you threw your head back against the cool surface.
“Take as much as you’d like.” He said, backing away to watch you fuck his fingers. You used this chance to go harder and faster. Junhong watched you move yourself over his fingers as he began to stroke himself. He groaned as he pumped his cock in his hand. Junhong looked up at you watching him as you rocked yourself onto his fingers.
“You’re doing so well, baby girl.” He said, his voice almost pushing you over. The feeling intensified as he curled his fingers, hitting that very nice spot inside of you. You cried out and Junhong sped up, repeating the movement. He fucked you fast, trying to keep the pace with his other hand, wrapped around his member.
Junhongs fingers shook inside you as he came, shooting his seed at the bottom of the tub. The sensation had you seeing stars, and it didn’t take him long to catch on.
“Junhong.. Oh~ Junhong!” His name spilled from your throat and he love it. Junhong groaned and brought his lips to your clit as he twisted and slightly shook his fingers inside of you. Your hands went to his head as he started sucking on your nub.
“Junhong…I-I…” He started to slow and your body cried out as you clenched around his fingers. Begging him not to go, you were so close.
“No. Don’t stop. Junhong please, don’t stop.” Like a good boy, he listened. Speeding up and sucking you senseless. The build up in your gut couldn’t possibly go any further. You griped tightly to Junhong as you explode around him.
Junhong lapped up all your goods while you ride out your high. Once he was done he looked up at you and smiled.
“Let’s get you cleaned up, baby.” He said reaching for your sponge again. Junhong came to wash your body and your let him clean your breasts and stomach before you took the sponge from him. You turned the sponge in your hand as you turned to him. Junhong hummed as you washed his chest, the soap looked so sexy on him. Your stomach turned at you looked up at him.
“Do you wanna order pizza?” You said and he laughed. Junhong brought you in for a hug and kissed your lips.
“I love you so much, baby.” He said, holding you tight. “Never change.”
You didn’t quite know what he was going on about but you loved him too.
“I love you too.” You said as he kissed you again.
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