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I am so in love with this song its not even funny.

and it doesn't hurt that the MV is great too!

The girls inexplicably try to kill each other during the entire video...

1. Crushing Seulgi with lockers

2. Pushing Yeri off a diving board...

3. Pummeling Irene with dodgeballs

4. Feeding the other girls screws and nails

5. Just generally traumatizing Joy...

And much more!

Please give the song lots of love, its SO CATCHY!

What did you guys think?

I like it. I haven't had the chance to get into them but I like this song so far. And the video is crazy
The song is good but I am werid out of how they make the video!!
I can foresee me mumbling madness trying to sing along here.. It gets you in a bubbly mood like.. However I am a little creeped out by the video
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Lol yes
I need to watch it again because I was half awake when I watched it the first time. 😂 but the song is good.
i think this is one of those songs that you know is gonna be super catchy once you listen to it a couple times
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