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Okay so I have to put a warning at the beginning! it's not because of smut lol but I just feel the need to warn people of disturbing comments being said. Jenni gets a little okay really blunt and it scares some of the guys lol. it may startle a few readers too so thus WARNING!!!
After the show sarah ended up going out with Kooki and Jenni went out with namjoon and ended up spending the night in his room watching movies Jenni spent the night with namjoon cuddled up in his arms in one of his big t shirts and drifted asleep. Except she didn't sleep because her brain was up and working and going over the comments that were left for her and Ruby.  She hadn't let anyone see that it actually had her worried so as not to make it worse she continued to act cheery and upbeat but it continued to nag at her. At some point she felt namjoon moved against her and his hands start t move sliding up and down her abdomen. He was trying to wake her up in the most delicious way possible as he trailed his lips across her neck and down her shoulder. He was whispering in english making a shiver of delight at hearing his voice go through her body. His hands trailed lower and dipped past her panties and into her. "Your awake right baby?" He asked. "Hmmhmm" she mumbled. "Your wet for me" he said as he played with her for a bit "Am I? " She questioned. "Do we have time?" She asked. "Yes baby. Are you up for a couple orgasms?" He said in a really sexy voice. His voice was just doing her in.  He moved his hand out from her and lifted it up to his mouth. She stared eyes wide as she saw red. "No I'm not" she sat up. Quickly getting out of the blankets she ran out of the room leaving him there confused on what just happened. "This is so embarrasing" jenni said to herself. Finding the the bathroom in the dorm she opened the door only to spot Jin standing in front of the mirror flexing his arms and brushing his teeth. Jenni stopped and stared intently at him. "Oh my god" she let out. "What do you think? is my left bigger then my right?" He said turning to Jenni. "Not what I planned on seeing this morning,  wait more important why are you awake and moving at 3 in the morning?" She questioned instead, "Im going to go work out" he said. "Okay, well um can I use the bathroom?" She asked "Go ahead, I'm done" he said rinsing out his tooth brush. He left and jenni went in and went to the bathroom. She officially had her period.  This was so embarrasing and she wasn't even at home to grab a tampon. Finishing she went out and found Jin in the kitchen making a protein shake for himself. "Eomma Jin" jenni said leaning on the counter.  He stopped what he was doing and looked at her. "Can you do me a huge favor?" She fluttered her eyelashes at him. "What?" He asked carefully. "Can you get me some tampons?" She asked "Why do you need them!" He asked panicked. "Because I have blood squirting out of me and need something to stop it" jenni stated in a dead pan attitude. "To much jenni too much" he backed up. "So will you get me tampons?" She asked. "Only if you stop talking!" He told her.  She smiled and was about to say thank you but instead made a heart with fingers. "You have no sensor" he shook his head as he past her,  She waited on the couch for him to come back when namjoon came out wearing pajama bottoms and a white shirt. "Why did you run off?" He asked sitting next to her.  "Bathroom" she said letting her head fall to his shoulder. "Were you embarrassed about the blood?" He asked making her groan. "You could be nice and not mention you had my blood on your hands" "I told you not to talk " Jin had entered the room and threw a plastic bag of tampons at her. "Someone had some in the building, I don't know why" he said. "Am I scarring you?" She asked. "Just a bit. Don't talk about blood like that it's gross " Jin said. "Its normal for females" namjoon said. "And stops you from having sex with her" Jin said. "Does it now?" Namjoon questioned. "Somehow I don't see her doing that, as she described it blood squirting out of her" Jin said. "Nope,  I came out at the wrong time" J hope was there all of a sudden. "You are so right about that, sorry Joonie, I just can't it's too messy" jenni pointed out "and J hope where did you come from?" She asked. "My room?" He said questionably "So a week of blow jobs for him? " Jin questioned "Or lots of showers" J hope said. "Yea you guys go ahead and discuss our sex life while I go put this thing in" Jenni said standing up. Leaving the three guys she went to the bathroom. After that she ignored the boys who were still talking about what they could do while on a period so she got ready for work. Slipping on her t shirt and pants from the previous day. "Joonie, Jinnie, hobi, I'm heading out bye" jenni called out. "Wait babe" namjoon said coming over to her.  "What is it? " She asked   he grinned down at her and kissed her. He broke it off first and to a step away. "Have a good day at work" he said giving her one of his smiles. She couldn't help but smile back, without helping it she pressed her lips to his in a simple kiss before turning and leaving. She could hear his chuckle as she closed the door.  When she got to work sarah was already there with a grin on her face. "You feeling better today?" Jenni asked her sitting down. "Yes, Kooki came over and we talked yesterday " sarah said "He's not going to do anything crazy right?" Jenni asked "I don't think so. He saw the forum where there was more comments, he was so mad about it. But then there was a few people defending us saying how the boys deserve to have a personal life" sarah said "Thats good news" jenni gave her a thumbs up. "We're on! Hi hi good morning to you all. Your here with Ruby and Diamond." Jenni said. "So oh my god my hand is sparkling!" Sarah got sidetracked "What was that Diamond? " Jenni said confused. " sorry I got distracted" she said. "Diamond why does your hand sparkle?" Jenni asked "I think it's because of this lotion I used  this morning  it smells like grapefruit too " sarah laughed "Oh okay, is it from that set of lotions that smell like fruits?" Jenni asked. "Yes it is! I have no idea where you found that set. So Ruby here got me a set of lotions and body spray a couple months ago for a holiday and it's the most-" she paused thinking of a word. "Unique? Interesting?  Strange? Epic? You can pick a word any time" jenni supplied words making sarah laugh. "Okay all the above" she said. "So it has 5 scents, one was the grapefruit,  then there's litchi,  pikaki flower, kumquat, and orange chili pepper " sarah said "You just made me really hungry." Jenni laughed.  "I have to say the orange chili pepper wasn't that bad, bit of a spicy scent to it " sarah said.  "But that litchi and kumquat omg nope I can't do those" sarah said.  "Well you got me back since you got me funeral home scented perfume!" Jenni laughed, sarah laughed "Oh that was good. It had been between that and honeysuckle, but that wasn't funny enough" sarah laughed. "It wouldn't be" jenni said. "And I had to one up you after these lotions" sarah said. "You know how many strange gifts we've gotten from each other over the years. I think it's not even about if someone will like it or not but about the memory that goes along with it" jenni said. "Like how you got me that scarf one year that said love on it. You told me how the guy at the store gave it to you after an offer of marriage. You couldn't stop laughing and then told me, maybe I'd be interested in accept the proposal" sarah said. "Oh yea I remember that, then you gave me two goat stuffed animals and said you traded me off for those but I can have them since I was sold off" jenni said "We eventually got it straightened away and you didn't get married to him" sarah laughed. "Oh remind me we can never go to Egypt or Isreal, I'd be afraid you would sell me off for a scarf " jenni said "I would do it before you did it to me" sarah said. "Well, that's how our friendship works. And I would try for a live animal but I don't know if I could leave the country with it" jenni laughed "Fair trade" sarah laughed "love you too Ruby!" She added. "Awe my bestie! I could never sell you away, for real" jenni said. "Thats so nice of you " she laughed. "Okay why don't we listen to some music and then we'll be back in a bit" jenni said then turned some music on. "Im going to be right back" jenni said getting up. "You got 10 minutes, I'm playing three songs" sarah said. "Won't take that long" jenni called out.
She walked down the hallway to the bathroom and saw how people were looking at her. This was either a case of she had a red spot or they were talking about her. Quickly doing what she needed to and then went back to the room. "So callers?" Sarah asked. "Are you in the mood to talk to others?" Jenni asked "I can" she shrugged. "Sarah I'm feeling paranoid  I swear people were staring at me in the hallway, I'm wondering if they were talking about me" she said "Your always paranoid" sarah said "Nuh huh  normally I'm oblivious" jenni said. Sarah stared at her for a minute. "Oh my god it got to you! " she pointed her finger and accused jenni. "Noo" jenni denied at length but you could tell it was a lie. "Oh you are! I didn't think all those comments got to you!  Does Joonie know?" She asked. "Why does that matter?" Jenni questioned "Because there's gotta be someone for you to confide in" sarah said. "I don't need too, soon I'll forget about it " jenni shrugged "Hey were back on, so lately both Diamond and I are addicted to the song little braver now which is featured in Uncontrollably Fond. After downloading the song we keep listening to it over and over" jenni said. "The other song is For you  which is featured in Scarlet heart. We both found this song at the beginning of the week and omg is it good" sarah mentioned the other song they played. "If you haven't see them you really should 100% recommend by yours truly. " jenni said. "Okay so I want to bring something up once more before we leave for the morning " sarah said. "No Diamond no" jenni groaned. " Yes! So I was looking through some of bts forums and there had been alot of negative comments on their about us and how we shouldn't be friends or even know the members of bts" sarah was getting serious. "No negative vibes! Nope don't want it. Give me positive things!" Jenni said goofy sounding "Ruby take this serious" sarah said "Nope I did yesterday but nope don't really want to dwell on Negative things, it's a waste " jenni laughed "Okay fine well I'll skip the speech and just say there were a bunch of people supporting us and our friendship with them. A couple of them thought we would be well suited for a couple of the members too" sarah sighed and skipped over to the good news. "Hey that's what I like to hear!  Omg I wonder who they all think we would be good with? " Jenni questioned making sarah laugh. "Why don't we ask them to post on any forum who they  think we would be good with" sarah suggested. "Oh oh and if you love us, please please show it!  Don't keep it inside " jenni said. "Look at this one begging for love " sarah laughed "Yes I will, Ruby wants approval this morning!" Jenni said like a child. "Oh okay, Ruby I love you! Your my bestie! I won't even trade you for those stuffed animal goats, even though now I really want them " sarah brought the goats back up "Your so sweet to me" jenni giggled and made a heart with her hands. "Okay well we are going to sign off and be back at noon" sarah said. "Bye bye!" Jenni waved before turning off the mics. "I like how you changed that into something good" sarah said. "Jenni wants love" she stuck her tongue out. "Stop acting like a five year old" sarah laughed.  "Fine" jenni pouted. "I want to go home and change and sleep, I didn't sleep last night" jenni said "Oh were up two up doing other activities? " Sarah laughed "No my mind was awake, you know what I have a craving for watching? " Jenni asked "What?" Sarah asked back "American TV,  I'm gonna watch The finder on Netflix " she said. "I don't know if I've seen that" sarah said thinking out loud  " I don't know if you have or not.  You can watch it with me" jenni said as they walked through the hall. People were still looking at them. "Is it me or are people watching us?" Sarah asked. "Ha and you thought I was paranoid earlier" jenni pointed out "but yes yes they are  it's kind of unnerving" jenni said "Lets just go. I hope this all blows over soon" sarah said.  At the apartment sarah and jenni walked in to find Kooki and Namjoon sitting on the couch talking about something. "What are you two talking about?" Sarah questioned "Nothing much" Kooki said getting up and greeting Sarah. Namjoon stayed where he was and just looked at Jenni. "Hi" she said. "You get your crazy out this morning? " he asked. "Not all of it " she smiled. "Feeling adventuress? " he asked. "Nope. Jenni's going to change into pajamas and then watch tv" jenni said referring to herself in third person. "We were going to watch The Finder" sarah said, "Can we join?" Kooki asked. "Well since your here sure. It's an English show we can put on sub titles" sarah said "That sounds good" he nodded.  Jenni nodded and headed to her room and Namjoon finally got up and followed after her. When the door was shut Jenni turned to him.  "How are you feeling?" He asked. "Crampy, I hate the first couple days of blood gushing out of me" jenni said. "You get cranky and have no sensor" he chuckled  "Am I scaring you? I scared Jin this morning" jenni said. "Nah, although I'm going to have to get used to this bluntness of yours. It's oddly attractive" he grinned at her. "Omg this better not be a fetishes of yours " she sounded out right shocked. "No" he chuckled "but I like how your not ashamed of your bodily functions " he told her. "I don't know why this makes me happy to hear that but it kind of does " jenni gave him a quizzical look. He finally moved closer to her and wrapped his arms around her waist, leaned down and kissed her. "You two better be out here in 2 minutes or I'm walking in there to break it up " sarah called out making jenni laugh against his mouth.  He shivered as he liked that feeling and continued to kiss her. She finally broke apart from him. "Its not like I'm going to do anything right now" jenni told him backing away. She picked up a pair of comfy soft pajama pants and set it on the bed before stripping out of her pants and putting them on. "Tease" he growled. "Im walking in" sarah called out and then the door opened. "Oh good your fully clothed" "No duh, Jenni bleeding so no action is happening " jenni said "Oh thanks for that jen jen" sarah said. "Kooki your the only one getting lucky tonight!" Sarah called out and they could here him saying 'yes, sweet!' Further in the room. "I never said I wouldn't play with Joonie tonight" jenni mumbled crossing her arms over her chest. "You really are teasing me" namjoon chuckled. "You know girls still are horny when menstruating " jenni informed him. "Are you now?" Namjoon asked "At this moment I'm more in pain then feeling horny. It's the worst in the mornings.  Note last time the bleach in my eyes was less painful then the cramps" she told him. "Jenni get out here" sarah called. "Okay enough stupid information spurting out of my mouth. Lets snuggle and watch tv" jenni said. They exited her room and went to sit on the couch.  Kooki and Sarah were already snuggled on one couch and jenni and Joonie got the other. They turned Netflix on and found The finder and watched it. They binge watched 4 episodes all in a row before they had to do the afternoon show. At work the girls looked online and found that there was alot of positive comments directed to them and people trying to start fights with how this wasn't a forum for Ruby and Diamond but for bts. There was a link to a new forum for Ruby and Diamond fans. "Omg sarah sarah do you see this " jenni was jumping up and down in her seat pointing at the computer screen.  "Im seeing it. We have so much love! Jenni people love us!" Sarah got super excited! "I really wish we could post a picture and tell them how much we love our fans!" Jenni said. "Well not of our faces oh but what about our mics, we have our little Ruby stone and Diamond stone on them with the company name. That would be sweet!" Sarah squealed coming up with the idea. Sarah pulled out her phone and moved the mics to take a picture, she posted a message saying how much we appreciate the support and love that people showed in such a short amount of time. Then she found the forum and posted it again there. "Okay I think we need to thank everyone right away" sarah said. " I concur" jenni grinned. "Hey ladies and gents! Allow me to introduce to you Diamond on mic one!" Jenni laughed "And Ruby on mic two!" Sarah laughed while talking. "We were in for quite a suprise this afternoon!" Sarah started "Really? Do we have special guests?" Jenni asked. "No Ruby no, the suprise is what our listeners did for us! We got a shock when we looked online and found so many fans of ours and how they created their own forum for us. Do you know how happy I am right now? So extatic! " Sarah gushed. "Omg I love our listeners for doing it. When we came into the studio one of the first things we did was take a pic and posted it on the forum with a message for everyone.  You do not know how much this means to me, to us " Jenni's turn to gush. "So I picked out a special song to play for all of you out there listening!" Jenni added. "You do?" Sarah asked "I do" jenni grinned. Jenni turned on feel so good by B.A.P "I am super happy! " Jenni told sarah, "see see what staying positive and being ourselves does. It makes people like us!" Jenni laughed "Yes yes it does, I'm glad we got to find out how many people really listen to us and still like our show" sarah laughed When the song was over the girls decided to take a couple calls and talk to them instead of just each other.  Towards the end of their show someone reminded them that they had to look at who people thought they would be with. So they pulled the computer out again and looked. "Why is it everyone wants me with J hope? Are we that similar?" Jenni questioned seeing that a ton of people were shipping that pairing "Im paired with Tae, he's my best guy friend he cannot sneak up on me. Oh look people think  I should be with Suga too oh hey this group is shipping you and Namjoon! " Sarah was looking through all the big sticky notes on the page. "There's two groups for you and kooki!" Jenni laughed "Well I think we are supported, although I wonder why no one put either of us with Jin." Sarah questioned. "Hmm because that would be like saying we need a babysitter instead of a boyfriend " jenni came up with making sarah laugh. "Okay well we looked through and I have to say my fav ship is me and Namjoon, he is my bias I cannot deny it!" Jenni said. "I don't know I like you with J hope better" sarah teased. "And I like you and Suga! " jenni teased  back They ended the show a little bit after teasing each other about the matches.
so I hope some of the comments didn't startle people. the beginning was rough but omg I loved writing the ending of this chapter lol nope not the ending of story, not by a long shot! I wanted something happy and exciting, think I achieved that!
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Poor Jin....always the eomma and always getting TMI, though I do think he'd make a great boyfriend. I laughed and laughed, as I thought the whole thing was rather funny. At least it was JHope that came out and not Jimin and Tae. Those two would be asking a bunch of embarrassing questions to Jenni, because I don't think they'd quite get everything. Suga would just not say a word, turn around, and go back to his room....pretend he didn't hear a thing.
well it's not like it's not normal to have the lining of my uterus slowly die away for week every month hurts like all heck tho my cramps are killing me lol
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It was just FYI.....and a look that it will get better, someday. Yes, yes....finish college.
Hobi's "Nope, I came out at the wrong time" is adorable. And I loved "The Finder" I haven't thought of it in a while.
j hope just likes to walk in at the worst times. I'm starting to feel bad but it's so funny. lol and yea I watched the finder the other day. made me happy ☺
I think anything or the warning like how bad could it be but then all I could think of was Namjoon leaning over Jenni with a creepy grin a slowly licking the blood like he had stabbed her or something but I feel like he would've freaked out once he saw the blood as well. The lights must have been on right? Or else Jenni wouldn't have seen the blood? And then poor Jin had to hear all that like TMI.
oh gosh. the thought of waking up at 3 am to see that. the horror , I'm shocked I kept him staying calm. then again you don't see his reaction jenni ran away lol.
OMG!😂😂😂 No filters what so ever!! Hilarious how the boys reacted!
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