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Chapter Ten I don't know which is worse, being called a slut by the entire school? Or being known as Jaebum's "girlfriend." Some how, in the short period of me being absent from school, he got the entire school to believe I'm his. It was one thing to have everyone talk bad about me, but now I have people walking the opposite direction of me, all because they are too scared of what JB might do to them if they talked to me. But I was thankful to Jaebum. The nasty texts had stopped, I wasn't being laughed at, and I felt like I could have a semi normal school day. Lunch had ended 30 minutes ago and Jaebum was no where in sight. I stared at his empty seat and wondered where he was. For some reason it made me feel weird when he wasn't beside me. That thought had barely passed by the time JB had came strolling into the classroom. He sat down in his seat... and gave me that damn smirk. Jaebum, what the hell are you thinking now? ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Areum's POV "Are you going to keep following me around all day?" I asked Jaebum as I slammed my locker door closed. "Yes... or at least until you agree." JB said as he moved himself in front of me and leaned back on my locker. "Come on Areum, it would only be for a couple months. This way no one bothers you from now until graduation." "That's what I'm worried about," I said as turned and started my way down the hall, with JB following close behind. "I don't want to graduate being known as JB's girlfriend.... No offence..." "What's wrong babe," JB asked while stopping me in my tracks. With a few swift moves he had turned me to face him and was just merely inches from my face. "Don't wanna be known as my high school sweetheart?" He asked while moving the hair that had fallen in my face back behind my ear. I swatted his hand away. "No thank you." I turned around and started my way down the hall again. "Areum, I'm serious. This will work." JB tried to convince me. "And what makes you think I want to spend my last two months of school pretending to be your girlfriend, just so people will stop talking about me? Do you really think I care that much about what people think?" "Yes." JB answered simply. I stopped just outside the door of my next class. "Whatever... jerk," I said under my breath while turning to face him. I let out a frustrated sigh, "If I just say yes will you leave me alone already?" I looked up at JB. "Yes..." JB said as he leaned forward, his mouth hovering over my ear, "... or at least for today." He whispered. With that he was off, down the hall to who knows where. His class? His hangout? Somewhere... as long as it wasn't by me right now I was fine with it. I gritted my teeth in frustration, this boy... this boy will be the death of me I swear! I hurried into my class and took my seat. This was my favorite class, art class. A class where I didn't have to be the best just so I could make my parents proud, it was a class that I actually enjoyed. I watched as more students came in the class room. Surprisingly Mark came into the classroom on time today, which for him, was out of the ordinary. He sat down at his table and looked my way. Once he saw that I was looking at him he gave me a small smile. I smiled back. It was nice to know that I had Mark as a friend again... or that we were back on talking terms at least. *After Class* As I was packing up my things I felt like someone was watching me. I turned towards the classroom door and saw that there was a little monster watching me... JB... "I thought you were going to leave me alone?" I questioned him as I continued packing up my things. "What makes you think that I would leave my girlfriend alone all day? Come on Areum, do I really look like the type that would do that?" he said with his signature smirk of confidence. After I had finished, I made my way over to the door. JB stood in front of it blocking the way out. "Seriously Jaebum? Why do you insist on bothering me today?" I asked with an annoyed look on my face. He moved out of my way and I slipped by him. I should have known he let me out of that room too easy. No more than a few mere seconds later did I feel JB slip his hand into mine. I tried to pull away but his grip on my hand was to tight. "Yaaahh! What the heck are you doing?" I said while still trying to pull my hand out of his. "Calm down jagi, I'm just trying to hold your hand." With that he pulled me closer to him while sliding his other hand around my waist. Our faces were just inches apart. JB slowly started to move his face closer to mine. I felt like I was on fire. Is he seriously going to kiss me here in the middle of the hallway? I closed my eyes and waited for something to happen, but nothing ever did. I could feel his warm breath on my ear instead. "Try to act like my girlfriend, remember." He whispered in my ear. The grip he had around my waist tightened as he laid his head down on my shoulder. I could see people stare as they walked by. I felt like I was growing more and more red every time someone walked by. After about 20 seconds JB finally lifted his head and removed his arm from my waist, all the while still holding on to my hand. He started making his way down the hall dragging me behind him. We made our way to our homeroom class. Once inside the classroom he dragged me over to his seat and made me sit down in the seat next to his... Nari's seat. "Jaebum I can't sit here, this is..." "Your seat," JB interrupted, "This is your seat now. And besides, I need you help tutoring me today." He started pulling out his papers and book. A smile formed on my face, until this moment JB had never looked so gosh darn cute to me. I wanted to pinch his cheeks at how hard he was trying to make it seem like we were really dating. I turned my head to the sudden noise of books being dropped from someone's hands. Nari stood in the doorway of the classroom starring daggers at me. I grabbed JB's arm to get his attention. "Jae... Nari is going to kill me for sitting here." I whispered to him, trying to avoid Nari's glare. "Jae?" JB said with amused smile on his face, "I didn't know you already had a pet name for me babe, and don't worry about her. She's just upset that she got her ass dumped by me, and that I already moved on." I felt my cheeks heat up again. I didn't mean to call him Jae, it just kind of slipped out my mouth. "Awe look, you're turning red." JB said as he poked my cheeks. I swatted his hand away and looked toward the front of the classroom. My body felt like it was on fire, and for some reason I felt like I had butterflies in my stomach. How the hell am I going to survive these next two months?

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