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I really like this film and the songs *___* I drew this picture last year, I really had fun ♥
@nhia oh no problem, thank you that you appreciated it :) I really think this card is SUPER cute <3
@PiuPiuPenguin Yeah, you`re right of course XD It is quite an old card, right now I would draw it differently :) But I still can`t help it, I like this card :3 Thank you for your critique^^
@Nhia right! I remember, Oliver and Co, i loved that movie! I think her legs are really off, they are way too close to each other, which makes them either seem supersuper thin or just unrealistic :( Also the angle they are bending is a bit off, she looks good until the waist and starting from there the legs kind of give her an unrealistic look :( other than that, I really love the colouring of the dog and the cat, you adapted the comic style well :))
@vanlau Thank you :) I rewatched it last year, it is really a nice film <3
:D awwwwww oliver <3 cute little card :3 seems so long ago since i watched it
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