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Actor and KPop idol Kim Hyun Joong is now a sunglasses designer! Besides doing the usual, like having conversations on Barefoot Friends with Kang Ho Dong that make no sense, and ripping off his shirt in music videos, he’s been dabbling in fashion design. KHJ will be collaborating with famous jewelry designer Justin Davis for the second time. This time KHJ will not only be designing sunglasses but he’ll also serve as the model for those glasses. The sunglasses are said to include his own icon and look flattering on both men and women. Kim Hyun Joong’s sunglasses will be made available later this month in Japan and then sold in a Justin Davis pop up store in Korea September 6-12th. I’m pretty sure I’ve said in the past that KHJ should be a sunglasses model, and now it's actually happening! See, this is why you should really listen to me when I say things like this because obviously I know what I’m taking about, and KHJ proved it! #Winning
he is too sexy for words!!!!! the sunglasses look amazing on him. i wish that they would be made available here in the US.
i saw dis on oppa 's fb oppaiz doing everything he can oppa is really the best :) <3 oppa looks shoo classy w those glassses