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Since I've been taking a break from Vingle alot has gone on so I wanted to update you guys on some new videos that Mamamoo and Vromance uploaded.
first up Mamamoo! They uploaded some videos from their Moosical 1. Moonbyul solo for getting 77,777 members on their fancafe I just love her voice!!! 2. Solar and WheeIn Subunit Angel Line singing new song Angel They really are angels! 3.Moonbyul and Hwasa Subunit Rapper Line singing DabDab (note there is no dabbing in this performance sorry BamBam) 4. Moosical behind the scenes
next Vromance ! please don't sleep on them they are all beautiful and talented ! 1. Janghyun cover 2. flower boy Vromance ep2 3 flower boy Vromance ep2 from Vromance subs
I hope to get back to Vingle but I'm so busy now a days that I don't think I can post as regularly but I will try to like and comment your cards!
DabDab is my jam right now.
Vromance is my favorite new group this year.