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Who: Reader x Park Chanyeol. What: Fluff Story: N/A
You walked down the street with your basket of goodies from the bakery you worked at. Neither Taekwon nor Ae-Cha came to meet you at the shop today. You were just walking down the sidewalk missing their laughs that kept you company. You weren't watching where you were going when you bumped into him. You fell on your butt and looked up at the bad boy of Uni: Park Chanyeol. "You should watch where you're going." He said looking down at you. You were getting up when you felt a sting on your hand. The people he was walking with had already walked past him and were calling him to hurry along. He waved them off and looked back down at you while you were dusting off your cut on your palm. Chanyeol sighed and grabbed your hand pulling it away from you and towards him. You looked up at him with silent wondering eyes. "Geeze you're hopeless." He said. He opened the water bottle he was holding and rinsed your scrape out with the water. You winced a little and tried to pull your hand back but he pulled it more towards him saying, "Stay still." Why was he helping you? If memory serves right, he was never the kindest to you. He constantly insulted you, called you over weight and nerdy. So why was he trying to nurse a small insignificant wound? He reached into his pocket and pulled out a handkerchief to wrap your hand up. He looked at the hand and then the other one and then your arms to check to see if you had anymore scrapes. He nodded satisfied there was nothing else wrong with you and he said, "Take care of that handkerchief will you. I'll want it back tomorrow." He turned around and started to walk away until you called out his name, "Chanyeol." He turned around and you hesitated. You weren't sure what to do or why you called him. You sighed looking at the basket on the ground and picked it up. You opened the top and brought out a bag of cookies and placed them in his hand. "Thank you." you said lowly. He looked at them and then you with a little shock. Then he shrugged and said, "You're welcome." He turned back around to walk away leaving you to wonder what just happened. That was the oddest exchange you two ever went through. Part of you wanted to complain at him and say you weren't fat, you were built different. You had thick thighs and a wide waist and you were small but there was nothing wrong with how you looked. Yet somehow when ever Chanyeol said it, it hurt more. The side of you that was screaming to call him a jackass, kick him in the shin and then just run away was competing with the side of you that wanted to know why he was being so gentle. Why did he insist on cleaning your wound? It was a small scrape there was no need to tend to it in the first place. Either way you went back home and applied some disinfectant and a few bandaids to it. You washed the handkerchief since it did have your blood on it and then you called Ae-Cha and Taekwon on video call. They happened to notice the bandaids and you told them all about it. "That's odd." Taekwon said. "I know but he was still kind of mean. I don't know maybe he really did feel bad even if it was my fault." you said. "Maybe he likes you." Ae-cha said. "Don't say such stupid things Ae-cha." you said. "It's not stupid, don't parents always say if a guy is mean to you then it means he likes you." she said. "Just because they say that doesn't mean it's true. He's mean to me that's the only fact I know. Anyway, I'm going to bed you guys I have an early class tomorrow." you said. They said their goodbyes to you and you went to bed. The next day went by slow and seemed to drag on. By the time lunch came, you were ready to fall face first into the ground. You weren't even tired you just felt incredibly drained by your classes. You were walking alone again since Ae-cha was in the library and Taekwon had another class he was in. You were headed to the cafeteria when you saw Chanyeol standing by his friends laughing. He may have looked charming but he was always mean to you. You really didn't want to approach them but you had to give his handkerchief back. You timidly walked up to him and his friends and bowed, "Excuse me, I apologize for the interruption." You pulled the handkerchief out of your bag and held it out to Chanyeol, "This is yours." you said looking down. "I don't want it anymore, you keep it." he said and turned back to his friends to continue talking. Really? He's such an asshole! How does someone go from doing something nice for you, to acting like you have cooties? Damn it he annoyed you. Your face was red hot with anger and embarrassment and you dropped the damn thing on the ground. You didn't want it either, let one of his stupid bimbo fangirls take it for all you cared. You sat down over by a window still fuming. You had brought your own lunch and normally you shared with Ae-cha and saved the rest for Taekwon but you were alone today. You couldn't eat everything you brought with you. You stared out the window. You had an hour after this with nothing else to do until your next class. Because you lived so close, normally you'd just go home and chill out but you didn't feel like doing that either. Maybe you'd go to the library. As you began to fade out in your thoughts, a chair got pulled out from in front of you. You didn't move your head much but you could see who it was. "Hey." He said. You didn't answer. "Hey I know you hear me." he said. "What Chanyeol?" you said annoyed but still not looking at him. "Would you turn and face me?" he said annoyed. You turned to him, your arms folding on the table just before you as you looked at him with a hard expression. "What the hell do you want?" you said. "You know you're not that attractive when you're anger." he said. You rolled your eyes, "I'll find some where else to sit." you said grabbing your things. His hand reached out to stop you as he laughed and said, "Wait wait, sit down." You looked at him annoyed but he wasn't going to leave you alone until you listened. The look on his face told you that. You sighed and sat back down. You crossed your arms after snatching back your arm from his grasp. He smiled at you and then reached into his pocket to pull out the handkerchief he gave you yesterday. "I told you to keep it." he said. "I don't want it." you said. He sighed, "It's my favorite one, I got this about four years ago. It brings me a lot of luck." he said. "Then why didn't you take it when I offered it back to you?" you said still pissed off by him. He sort of made a face as if he didn't know how to answer or rather he didn't understand why you were refusing it. He scratched his head and said, "Look Y/N sometimes I say things in the wrong way that makes people get the wrong idea. You can ask Kyungsoo he's always putting me in a headlock because of it." "Can't say you don't deserve it." you mumbled. "Here keep it for real this time. Don't drop it on the floor take good care of it. I really just wanted you to have it. I think it could give you some luck." he said. He grabbed your hand and tied it around your wrist. You pulled your hand back and looked at him confused. What was he up too? He stood up and turned to the table his friends were at. "Listen I have to go back to them but come eat with me tomorrow and can you bring some of those cookies you gave me. They were really good I ate them all last night." he said . The grin on his face threw you off. He actually seemed nice for once. That was going to end quick wasn't it? He didn't leave just yet. He held out his pinky finger to you and said, "Promise?" It was like you were dealing with an entirely different guy. You reluctantly wrapped your pinky around his and begrudgingly said, "Promise." He chuckled at your attitude and he went back to his friends at the table. For the past two and a half weeks after that, anytime you were eating alone he'd say, "Eat with me." He'd ditch his friends and eat by the window with you. Saving the butter cookies you made for last. Anytime he saw you he'd ask you to make them for him and you did. You didn't have to and you weren't even sure why you did but you did. Even the handkerchief he tied to you, you had kept it on. He was disappointed one day when you didn't have it on. After that, you just reminded yourself to tie it to your wrist to get him to stop bothering you. Chanyeol had changed his behavior towards you though. He stopped calling you over weight with his cruel jokes and he'd say you have a cute face. When he addressed you, he called you jagi. Ae-Cha and Taekwon kept saying he liked you but you didn't trust it. You were waiting for the other shoe to drop. He just became nice out of thin air. He decided he liked you out of thin air, hell no you wouldn't believe it! You were not going to be made a fool of by Park Chanyeol. Nothing about you or him had changed since you two met, there was no way he just suddenly decided he liked you. Then the fateful day came when Chanyeol sat down at your table. You weren't sitting alone today. Ae-cha and Taekwon were sitting right next to you. He ignored their existence completely and his eyes settled only on you. "What is it? I gave you your cookies already I even doubled it this time." you said. "Go out with me Saturday." His serious and straightforward tone made you stare at him like he had sixteen heads. Ae-cha's eyes widened. Taekwon whispered upset, "You made him cookies but not me?" You looked at him for a second then back at Chanyeol. "What?" you said. "You heard me. Go out with me Saturday, there's a carnival out and I want to go. I'll pick you up, here-" he took a pen and wrote his number on your hand. "Chanyeol not on my skin!" "It's not a tattoo relax, it'll wash off later. Make sure you put it in your phone okay. I'll come get you at ten that morning." he said. He got up and walked off with a wave. "Yah! Chanyeol! Damn it." you said annoyed. Ae-Cha and Taekwon laughed at you. You turned to them upset. "How can you still believe he doesn't like you?" Ae-Cha said. "Because he's the devil." you said annoyed. She laughed even harder, "He's one handsome devil. He likes you Y/N." "So do misquotes but you don't see me falling in move with them do you?" you retorted. Both of your friends laughed at you while you continued to finish your lunch. When Saturday came along Chanyeol had kept to his word. He called you before he left his place and showed up right on the dot. You looked him up and down. A sweater, a gray t shirt and black pants. You had on the same thing and that annoyed you. You closed the door in his face and changed. You walked back out with a peach cardigan, a white shirt and a navy blue skirt. You had on black tights with pandas at the thighs height. Chanyeol looked you up and down and smiled. He turned around and waved you on. "Let's go." he said. You slung your small brown purse across your body and walked behind him. His long legs carried him farther and faster than your short ones did. He seemed to have noticed, you caught him turning his head a few times and he slowed down so you could catch up with him. You were mostly quiet as you two walked to the carnival. When you got there, he saw his friends and waved them over. You felt weird, "If you didn't want to come alone why didn't you just come with them?" you said. You really didn't trust this. They all came over and Chanyeol introduced them all to you properly. Chanyeol's hand came to your upper back and you could feel yourself blush. No, No, No don't forget this can still be a trick! You thought this to yourself as you shyly waved to his friends. "We really like your cookies Y/N." The one named Jongdae said. "Yeah they're really good better than Junmyeon's cakes." Kyungsoo said smiling sweetly at you. You wished you could say he looked like the sweetest one out of all of them but you had seen the look that labeled him as satansoo. You obviously couldn't trust what was going on. Still you smiled politely and thanked them for their compliments. Chanyeol walked you around with his friends, his arm very casually around your shoulder keeping you close to him. You two very much looked like an odd couple. There was one ride all the boys wanted to get on but it was both too high and too fast for you to want to go on. Chanyeol said he'd stay at the bottom with you while they all went up. You told him he could go but he shook his head and stayed with you. You two looked up and watched the ride move in crazy loops and quickly rush the cars past you, bringing a gust of wind up to blow your hair in your face. You sighed at the messed up style and slowly pulled your hair in the right direction patting it down lightly so it would flatten. Chanyeol grabbed your hand almost making you squeak. You looked at him but he didn't seem to notice the subtle jump, that or he chose to ignore it. He bought some cotton candy for him and you to try. He took a bite before holding it up to your lips. You shook your head, "I can get my own later." you said. "Just try some of mine. There's no point in buying your own." he said. "I'm good Chanyeol." He was still holding your hand but when you said that he finally let it go. His fingers curled under your chin and lifted your face. His lips fell down on yours stunning you. Making your stomach coil, your blood rush, every part of your body aware of what was going on. Your heart raced and you were left with wide eyes staring back at his closed ones. He pulled back slowly, his hand grazing the hair you missed behind your ear. "That's no good Y/N you're supposed to close your eyes too, other wise it looks awkward." "What the hell was that!" you looked at him freaking out. Your hand rubbed at your lips freaking out. "Hey don't do that I'm not that bad of a kisser." he said grabbing your hand. "Why? Why would you do that?" you said. "Isn't it obvious?" he said. You shook your head. "Damn your dense. Y/N I like you." "Bull." you said backing up a little. He looked at you confused, "Why else would I do all of this? You really think I don't like you jagi?" "You've teased me for two years how am I supposed to believe that you like me?" "Because you're the first girl I've ever told my friends I wanted them to meet. You're the first girl I've called Jagi, you're the first girl who I didn't have the soul intention of sleeping with and then never calling again. You're the first girl I've openly eaten lunch with, I planned out a date for and I even gave you my favorite handkerchief. I even kept the little cloth your wrapped those cookies in that day see." He went in his pocket and pulled out a white and red checkered cloth. The same exact cloth you wrapped your cookies in. You looked at him not believing this was even the same guy you had been teased by. You had been hurt by so many times and he liked you. So was Ae-cha right, he did all of that because he liked you? Like truly liked you. "Chanyeol this better not be a trick." you said. He sighed and patted your head, "You really are stupid Y/N. I told you I say things that are taken the wrong way. I don't know how to make it any clearer that I like you though. Anyway, I want to try it again and this time do it properly." he said. You looked at him not knowing what he was referring to because your head was still spinning. He dipped his head down and pressed his lips against yours again. This time his tongue grazed your bottom lip, making you open your mouth in surprise, giving him the perfect opening to deepen the kiss. Your eyes closed and he brought you closer to his body. You released a moan into his mouth and you could feel the smile crack on his lips. He kissed you a little harder and your hand tangled in his hair. "Would you two get a room?" a voice said. Chanyeol seemed to regretfully break the kiss and turned to the voice. "Hyung she won't believe that I like her. What else was I supposed to do?" he said to Minseok. "Does she believe you now?" he asked. They all looked at you and then you looked at Chanyeol. He had a hopeful smile on his face that made you laugh. "Okay Yeol, I believe you." you said. He smiled bigger and hugged you. He offered you the cotton candy again and you took a bite. He kept you out most of the day with his friends. You were only able to convince him to free you by telling him you had to make more cookies. Him and his friends walked you back to your place. They walked ahead to give you some privacy. Chanyeol raised the hand that had his handkerchief tied to it and kissed the back of it. "Thank you for always wearing it. I told you it brought good luck." he smiled. "Luck for who exactly?" you smiled back. He laughed and stepped up to kiss you again, this time softly. When he pulled away from the sweet kiss he said, "Hey Y/N will you eat with me again?" "Yeah pabo." you said. "Good, don't forget the cookies." he whispered before turning around and running off. You laughed at him as he screamed, "Call me later jagiyah!" Chanyeol had always been by your side since then. Through all the sweet talk, cookie batter and unintentional insults. For three years, he's been your boyfriend and he's done everything thing in his power to make you the happiest girl in the world. Even after all these years, the one thing that's never changed is his need to scream to you, "Jagi! Come eat with me!"
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Awwww sooo sweet!πŸ’–πŸ’–
aww Yoda your so sweet. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™Œ
Mmm this is just so sweet and cute!!!πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ’ž
I just read all the stories from this collection and I really enjoyed them. I would enjoy reading more stories. Shout out to the curvy girls around the world
I'm glad you enjoyed it, I'll try and update this collection as soon as I can. 😁