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@bbxgd i will not lie, when i saw different cards about you finally seeing the doctor from korea i got scared. many people have had cancer around me, and even though they pulled through i was always scared ro lose them. you posting that card 20 something minutes ago told me god has been holding onto you like no other. im so glad to make this card and say that your back. KEEP FIGHTING you deserve to live happy and healthy, no matter what your past may look like you should happily. I have no doubt in my mind right now that you will live a healthy and happy life. I say these words with full blown honesty and happiness. WELCOME BACK AND I LOVE YOU @BBXGD HWIGHTING❤❤❤
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She's gonna love this when she sees it.
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awwweeeee.😍😍😍😍😍 this is sooo lovelyyy. thank you sweety for this welcome card 💋
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@BBxGD your welcome much love💖💖💖💪😘
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