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Our hero @BBxGD is back!!! fighting the most hardest war!!! My warrior!!! My DD!!!
Yup My sexy fighter!!!!
But before we celebrate.... BB I still going to slap your Butt first!!!....You got me all gone like a super crazy emotional crying lady in the office!!! And they all "look" at me like I have mental issues!!
But... I still LOVE you!!!♡♡♡♡
Don't forget those long bathroom breaks. You're co-workers must think you have more than mental issues.
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maybe I was right to question the love......this is dangerous... @Helixx HELP MEH PLZ SOMEONE ....ANYONE *nervous laughter*.....
awwwww.. i love you too. and girl.. u know that slap in the "butt" will be veryyyyy .... *cough cough* 😏😏😏😏
I don't mind to "SLAP" the chest!!!! as someone ....Rub without my permission!!! know you should ask as those were my DD.