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I got a little bored today, and I had all my kpop albums out and close by, so I decided to give my snapchat friends a smol look through of my albums. it's mostly shit though... Sadly, I don't have as many albums as I want, but that will change soon
I just recently got Young Forever and I was very excited about it! ^^ I also added my Monsta X album //it's the only one I have T^T//
I was very excited to get Ex'act, its not the repackaged version, so I dont have Lotto.... //I ordered this before Lotto was released//
Blooming period is my most aesthetic album, like it's the most aesthetic out if all aesthetic albums //you should tell me what your favourite aesthetic album is, I'd love to hear! //
see what I mean by shit pictures? Anyway, tell me what YOUR favourite albums are! And if you have any recommendations for me!! ^^
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@YessicaCardenas Sure, cause same!
@YessicaCardenas it is DemonSkittlez
@YessicaCardenas feel free to snap me at any time!~~
@BlackFawn Awesome thank you 😊. I sometimes post snaps of like anime and Kpop but I have just normal friends on snapchat lol so I need more kpoppers so that I atleast know that not all of them will just skip my snaps hahaha
@BlackFawn hey I added you my username is yessiwookie36 add me back plz :)