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▪Got7 Jackson and Youngjae fan fiction
A sweet face and cute gentle eyes that reminds you of a puppy, but it's all a lie, it a mask he wears to hide who he truly is. A monster, A disgusting human being, he is my master; jackson wang your pet has arrived. "Youngjae was it?"
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He's this cute guy with great brains, smart and outgoing, popular with the girls and has this warm welcoming aura. His gentle gaze, sweet smile and the tone of his voice is so soothing like a lullaby; they call him Jackson and to everyone he was known as an angel in disguise. Behind closed doors the mask would come off and his true form was shown and there was only one person who knows this side of Jackson, His name is Choi YoungJae and he is 20 years old.

Jackson first laid eyes on Youngjae at his brother’s wedding 5 months ago. Something about Youngjae caught Jackson’s interest. He wasn't sure what it was but ever since that day Jackson couldn't stop thinking about Youngjae. When Jackson found out that Youngjae was accepted into a college in Seoul he called his brother and gave him the idea. Youngjae living with him so that he could go to college since his place is close by. Later that evening Youngjae’s parents called Jackson and asked him if Youngjae could stay at his place. Jackson said yes with no hesitation. Youngjae was excited when he found out and couldn't wait to see Jackson again but little did he know that the moment he enters Jackson’s house he'd become his new play toy. 

Chapter 1.

A New Toy

It’s a bright sunny day, the sky was a perfect shade of blue and not a single cloud in the sky to block the rays of the Burning sun. The taxi driver drops off Youngjae in front of a big house with a giant gate that blocked anyone from entering. Youngjae’s jaw drops as his eyes nearly pop out of his head. Jackson Wang sure wasn't just any ordinary guy, he was loaded and I mean loaded. Youngjae envied him so much. He wanted to be like Jackson because he had it all, the looks, the personality and the brains he was perfect.
"Who is it?" a voice spoke. Youngjae flinched as he looks around in a panic when he notices a small speaker box beside the gated fence. “Uh, hello my name is Youngjae..." "Hello Youngjae we've been expecting you" said the Voice behind the speaker box in English. "What? My English no very good I'm sorry," Youngjae said with a cute accent. 

Suddenly the gates begin to slowly open and the front of the house was exposed to Youngjae eyes; it looked like a palace or a very fancy mansion. He was amazed by how green the grass was and how red and radiant the roses look and how green and fluffy the bushes seem. It was like a real life painting of a mansion that was taken out the Great Gatsby movie with Leonardo DiCaprio. Youngjae walked slowly with caution as he observes his surroundings. Everything seems so elegant and fragile that even a slight push of the wind could knock something down and shatter it into a million pieces. "Wow talk about fancy..." Youngjae mumbled to himself. When finally reaching the door he knocked lightly but quickly a maid opens it. With a slight bow and a gesture with her hand guiding Youngjae to right. Youngjae entered with such a nervous feeling in his stomach he felt like if he was about to meet with his doctor or something. "I'll take those begs for you sir" said a butler with slicked back hair and a nice black suit. "Ah, yee," Youngjae bows awkwardly. 
"Oh Mister Wang... your sister in law’s brother as arrived," a maid announces as she glances over at Youngjae. 

Youngjae look at the Maid than moved his eyes up at the inside balcony where a blonde hair 5'6 boy stood with a perfect posture. 
"Youngjae was it?" Jackson said as he walked down the stairs. 
Youngjae nods his head yes as he gulps down this lump in his throat. He wasn't sure why he felt nervous maybe because Jackson gave off this high authority persona; Youngjae wasn’t used to it. 
Jackson stops in front of him as he analyzed his whole body; up and down and all around. 
"Long time no see Youngjae," Jackson welcomed with a warm smile. 
Quickly the pressure lifted and the air became thin again as the atmosphere was one again comforting. Youngjae smiled as Jackson opens his arms wide open and pulling him into a hug. "I haven’t seen you in so long, how have you been? You’re looking great by the way." Jackson said as he pulled away from the hug but still holding onto Youngjae shoulders. 
"I've been good and it has been a while" Youngjae respond with a slight chuckle. 
"We need to catch up after you settle down in your room alright?" Jackson said as he called over servants to take Youngjae to his new room and to help him clean-up for dinner. 
Youngjae looks shy as the Maid walked him to his room upstairs and down a long hallway with many paints and what looks like expensive furniture. Never in his life had Youngjae walked down a hallway so long it felt like he walked a full lap.

After being show to his bedroom the maids left to draw his bath for him. All of this was new to Youngjae. He felt a bit guilty for letting them do anything for him. Youngjae looks at awe as he explored his bedroom. It looks like a room fit for a king especially with that king size bed and that walk in closet that could also be a clothing store with how big it is. There was a nice view of the back yard and a full body mirror with designs around the frame. The bed spread looks like it was made out of that nice silk and the pillow look soft as a cloud. 

"The bath is ready for you," a maid informs Youngjae. "Ah okay thank you," he bowed as he waited for the Maid to leave but she stayed by the door waiting for Youngjae. The Maid guides him into the bathroom that looks like an indoor pool with a hot tub and a shower. But in middle of it was a big tube with the ring around it with a smaller one in it. It was that type of shower that looks like a rain falling down. It was beautiful as the stream changed color with the light. The Maid tried to removed Youngjae shirt while he was busy admiring the bathroom. But Youngjae quickly became aware and moved away. 

"What are you doing?" Youngjae asked her with a serious tone of voice as he pulled his shirt back up over his shoulder. "I'm helping you get undressed sir," she answered calmly 
"wh-what? um... no its okay I can do that part on my own thank you," Youngjae stuttered as his face flash red. The Maid understood and backed away to the wall. Youngjae wanted for her to exit the room but she only stood there with everyone else with their hand folded in front of them. "Is everything alright Choi sir?" a Butler asked "um I don't feel comfortable being naked around people... let alone people I don't know," Youngjae explains. "Ah understood sir we shall leave you alone to bathe in peace," the Butler replied as he lead the other servant out; closing the doors behind him. 

Youngjae let out a heavy sigh as he walked over towards the door and lock it. He was never gonna get used to this let alone having someone watch you as you shower isn't something Youngjae wants to get used too. Youngjae removed his button up shirt as he let it drop to the ground following along with his pants and briefs. Walking carefully towards the big bathtub he tried not to slip. The feeling of the warm water touching his skin felt as relaxing as the temperature of his body tried to become accustom to the water temperature. "aish" he sighed as he leans back on the bench in the tub, tossing his head back as he rested his arms on the rims of the tub. Youngjae never felt so relaxed in his life. Now this was something he wouldn't mind getting used too. 

Meanwhile Jackson was in his library as he waited for his servants to return. "He’s all settled in like you asked my lord," the Butler announced. "I see... is he bathing?" Jackson asked the Butler while still looking at the book he was reading. "Yes sir just as you ordered" "fantastic..-" "but.." Jackson was cut off. Jackson looked away from his book over towards his Butler with a cold glare.

"But what?" "He did not want anyone to be in the shower room with him and set everyone out" said the Butler. "oh.. that’s it? Alright then its fine you may go." Jackson said as he excuses his Butler. The Butler bows then leaves the room leaving Jackson alone. Jackson stays quiet for a few minutes before putting down his book. He open a drawer from his desk and grabs a small remote from it. Jackson turns his seat around to an empty wall as he points the remote at it. Suddenly the wall glows as pictures begin to show. A smile grows on Jackson’s face as the screen showed the shower room where Youngjae bathes. "I've finally got you by my side Youngjae and I don't plan of letting you go either," Jackson said as he watched the young boy shower. "From this day on you belong to me" he adds. 

Youngjae turns the shower knobs off since he finished and looks around for a towel but couldn't find one so just got out of the tub soaking wet. "I mean they could have left me a towel common sense," Youngjae sasses as he walked over towards a big widen full body mirror.  He stared as his reflection with curiosity as if it was the first time ever seeing himself naked. Youngjae placed his hand on his chest then look at his own reflection again. His hand slowly starts to travel down his stomach and lower until reaching his member. 'Why am I doing this again?' he thought to himself as he slowly pulled back the foreskin. "uh..." a small moan slips out of his lips. 'This isn't right' Youngjae said in his head as he began to stroke his member back and forth in front of the mirror. It was as if he found it amusing, the thought of being watched while doing these types of things to himself. Youngjae grew up in a strict home where it's a sin to have sex before marriage and it's bad to pleasure yourself. Youngjae couldn't help but enjoy the feeling when he jerked off when he pulled the skin back and run the tip of the head. But afterwards he felt repulsed, Youngjae felt disgusted and dirty every time he touched himself. It wasn't because he thought of anyone or anything while doing it for some strange reason that wouldn't work for Youngjae. He only thought of the feeling the exotic sensation and pleasuring motion as he rubs it back and forth up and down. It was like a joy stick that you moved around until you reach the spot and combust. He loved the feeling but hated the aftermath... he still didn't understand as too why... "uh fuck" Youngjae groan as he stroked his member. 

His hot breath fogs up the glass as he uses one hand as support while the other one did its job. Gentle gripping and holds as he moved his wrist up and down while twisting it just a bit, making a swerving motion. Youngjae begins to feel a funny feeling in the center of his stomach as his knees begin to tremble. Youngjae bites down on his lip as he tried to hold back his moan as he begins to feel that tingling, soothing yet unbearable feeling like he was about to piss; Youngjae’s member let out a clear white liquid that look a bit slimy. Youngjae’s body felt relieved for a few minutes and just like that the gross out feeling begin to suppressing as he started to feel sticky and dirty. "God I'm so disguising!" Youngjae exclaims as he stared at the filthy reflection.  Youngjae felt this sudden rush of anger throughout his body as he regrets touching himself. It felt so good but in the end it felt so wrong he wanted to stop. So bad but the feeling was so amazing that it made his body shake and shiver. It’s been a while since Youngjae masturbated so he had held in so much. "Wow...” Youngjae jolted as he heard a familiar voice from behind him. Youngjae slowly turn around to see Jackson standing by the bathroom door with his arm cross and a smirk on his face. The look of embarrassment and shame fall upon Youngjae’s being. "Who know you had it in ya?" Jackson said with a sarcastic tone of voice. "How long have you been standing there?" Youngjae asked Jackson. "Umm, I guess from the moment you tossed your head back and you started stroking even harder," Jackson teased as he walked closer to Youngjae. "I..I...its.. um.. I don't really like to do these things okay I'm not erotic," Youngjae word struggle to escape as he felt to embarrassed. "There nothing wrong with what you did Youngjae it's normal." "I know but it's still wrong," Youngjae protests. "And why is that?" Jackson questions as he continued to get closer to Youngjae. "Because it wrong to play with yourself it's bad and disgusting," Youngjae explains as he started to walk back as Jackson got closer. "I don't think so" "Well I do," Youngjae protests against it.

"I thought it was actually hot the way you touch yourself," Jackson blurted out. "Huh?- uff," Youngjae bumped into the wall behind him. Jackson places both of his hand of each side of Youngjae blocking him from escaping as he stood over Youngjae drenched naked body. Jackson lick his lips as he eyes gazed at Youngjae trembling body and scared face that only made him even more irresistible. "It kinda turned me on by just watching you," Jackson said as he stared into Youngjae "j-jack-jackson w-what are y-you saying?" "Youngjae..." Jackson paused as he notices Youngjae gulp. "I found it arousing the way you Jerk off and your erotic facial expressions. It made me want to pounce on you even more," Jackson added. Youngjae’s eyes widen, he couldn't believe what he was hearing. How could Jackson say and think such way of about him. "What I like most of all was when you came you slow down your hand movement but you didn't stop completely until you let it all out." "Jackson stop it I don't feel comfortable with you talking that way about me," Youngjae shouted angrily. "Well then you shouldn't have played with yourself in my bathroom now should you, Youngjae?" "Move I need to get dressed," Youngjae shoved away Jackson’s arm. 

Jackson chuckled as quickly grab a hold of Youngjae arm and pulled him back, but this time Jackson turned Youngjae around on to his stomach. Jackson held one arm behind his back, pressing his body up against Youngjae as Jackson rub his pelvis against his ass. This causes Youngjae to let out a sharp gasp. "Oops I'm sorry I didn't mean to," Jackson teased again as he moved one hand towards Youngjae member. "s-s-sto-o-o-op uh.. j-ja-ck-s-s-son uhm," Youngjae stuttered. "You say to stop but your body keeps telling me it wants move," Jackson said as he rubs his pelvis against Youngjae again. Jackson loved the way Youngjae’s body begged for more how his hips would automatically begin to swerve as Jackson grinds against him. "I said to s-stop!" Youngjae growled as he tried to escape.
Jackson grips onto his member tightly as he stroked fast causing Youngjae to inhale sharply as he tosses his head back while his ass presses close to Jackson’s hardened member. Youngjae jolted at the feeling of them rubbing against him. He wasn't sure as to why Jackson was doing this he didn't like it but for some reason his body did. Jackson brushes lip against the back of Youngjae neck sending shiver down his spine. 

"You like it Youngjae? The way my hand pleases your body?" Jackson whispers into his ear. "Come on don't hold it moan for me," said Jackson in a lusting tone of voice. "s-s-sto-o-o-op mmmm" Youngjae held back a moan. "I love the way you plead," Jackson purred "uh wait Jackson uh stop!" Youngjae grunts as he grab a hold of Jackson’s hand. "Do you feel like coming?" "mhmm" Youngjae wept. "yeah...okay let me help you," Jackson enjoyed teasing Youngjae.

Jackson grip the tip of Youngjae member as he rub it that part only this causes Youngjae body to shake and tremble uncontrollably.
A moan begins to escape Youngjae’s throat as Jackson pulled him close and turns Youngjae’s face to look at the mirror as he jerk him off. "look.. at you," Jackson smirk. Youngjae tried to look away but Jackson grips his hold on his jaw. "Come on Youngjae you know you like being watched," he teased. "Fuck you! uh" Youngjae growled. Jackson smirk grow bigger as Youngjae’s eyes shut tight as he grab Jackson hand and helped him stroke it until finally he cums. Jackson let go of Youngjae and in that moment Youngjae lost feeling in his knees and drop to the ground. Youngjae stared at the ground as he dug his nails into the floor. He felt so much anger and hate through Jackson but for some reason he felt more of it through himself. Jackson glances over at the young boy on the ground and crouched down next to him. "It's okay it felt good right..." Jackson said. "I .muf..mou" Youngjae mumbled. "What?" "I said I fucking hate you!" Youngjae shouted as tears filled his eyes. 

Jackson smile vanishes as he notices the tears run down Youngjae cheeks. Reaching over wipe the tear away Youngjae smacks Jackson hand way as he cried out "Don't fucking touch me." This makes Jackson angry. Jackson grabs Youngjae’s wrist pulling him close as he kisses Youngjae lips. Quickly he pushed Jackson away as he clean his mouth with his arm. 
"You’re under my roof Youngjae," Jackson addressed. "What?" Youngjae felt a sharp pinching feeling in his chest as Jackson spoke to him so harshly. "Didn’t you notice the very moment you entered this house you became mine," Jackson states as Youngjae felt short of breath. "So I can touch you when I want and I can even fuck you whenever, wherever I want whether you like or not." Jackson bluntly said. Jackson stood back up and started walking towards the door when Youngjae mumbled "What happened to you... you've changed so much." 

Jackson stops and turns to look at Youngjae as he says "I never changed you just didn't know the real me" and walked out of the room.
Youngjae crawls up as he cries into his knees. It didn't feel safe anymore he wants to go back home. Meanwhile Jackson orders one of the Maid to get Youngjae a towel and get him dressed as he walked towards his bedroom. Shutting the door behind him Jackson leans against it as he rake his hair back and rub his face. Jackson felt guilty but at the same time he liked the feeling of making Youngjae cry. "I've shown you my true self Youngjae... and it is your fault for calling this side out." Jackson talked to himself as he looks into nothing. "My new toy," Jackson whispers while in the other room the servants help Youngjae get dressed as he cried.

"Forgive me Youngjae, for I'll be tainting your body."

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