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As many of you have seen the "Fire" MV that bts has released on May 1st this year, it has become a big question about who the mysterious man in the jacket is.
I believe the man who is standing in front of Yoongi is none other than our beloved boy Jimin!! Why you may ask?? Let's look at some evidence.
They're clearly wearing the same shoes! Now you might be thinking "they could've just swapped shoes." Well in this theory, you're wrong. :)
Also look at the hands!! They are smol like our Jiminie's hands☺️❤️ And if that wasn't enough proof.... just look at the height difference
See! It's identical! Now there are a couple of speculations about this going on around IG but what do you guys think?? It would actually make a lot of sense if Jimin was the one Suga set on fire. Just look at the recent BEGIN WINGS videos.. I won't go that far into it.. I just thought these parallels were quite close to each other and I was wondering if you guys think so too! 😊
new wing released today
I think it makes perfect since