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Everyone either went to their room or sat in the living room. Still no one said a thing. Jongin turned to Kyungsoo to say something but didn't, he turned to Yixing but Yixing just shook his head. He sighed deeply and laid his head on Yixing's shoulder. They all felt worn out but couldn't understand why. Baek had followed Chan back to their room. They both flopped down on their beds, exhausted. Chan tried to close his eyes but couldn't, he rolled around restless until he fell off the bed. "I'm going to go take a shower." He finally said. He grabbed his towel and disappeared into the bathroom. Baek had just laid there watching him. He got up off his bed and sat thinking about taking a shower as well. He grabbed his robe and started to get undressed. When he pulled his pants off he heard a light thump on the floor behind him. He turned around thinking Chan had come back but all he saw was a book lying on the floor. He picked it up. "What is this?" he thumbed through the pages. It was old, the pages looked really delicate, so he tried to be careful. As he skipped through it, he got a feeling he'd seen it before. He seen a page that he recognized and read it a little. He closed his eyes. He seen images of a house, a room, of the others playing a game with someone. He seen a little girl and a cat. He gasped a little frightened when he remembered that woman. Byun BaekHyun remembered.
Well that was too much to forget, is going to tell the members?
hmmm probably not lol