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Okay I know I'm late, but better late than never right??? So for the colored hair edition of Man Crush Monday I give to you Sinbad from Magi
This man is awesome, and probably one of my favorite anime kings. He's kind and strong, plus he doesn't belittle others even though they might not be a king or even nobility at all.
Sinbad fought from a sailor all the way up to the ruler of his own county that he created. That takes determination, strength, and guts to do something like that.
Plus capturing seven dungeons it's nothing to laugh at.
And there you have it folks, Sinbad is my Man Crush thIs week. Tagging the people running this thing here @AimeBolanos @watermage @alexcattura @BlackoutZJ @Tylor169
To let everyone know I have made a sacred vow to express how much I love this man to everyone who posts a picture of him...or just in general.....I LOVE HIM!! MY HUSBAND!!