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Wassup EVERYBODY! *Breaks out in SHINee's 'Everybody'*
Long time no see! *Breaks out in TOP's 'Doom Dada'*
......I'm so weird.......
So I'm about two months into my Senior year of high school (YASSS! not really) and in my first semester and my first class is Creative Writing II.
In this class the teacher told us that we're going to do a non-fiction poetry project. This project is a six-page story on the topic of what you want the world to know about.
As much of a Kpoppin' Hoe (Jreamers where you at!!!) as I am, I immediately start writing on Kpop because I believe that the world should know about K-Pop and that's a subject I could write a trilogy about.
So I'm writing and teacher comes around and is like, "Maxwell! What you writing about?" and as a proud Kpopper I say, "My one and only. K-Pop!" And I hear the occasional:
I knew it!
Why does it always have to be about kpop?
Those Chinese people?
Still listening to Asian Boys. Shame.
This is where my teacher snaps.
My teacher is all like:
Who told you to write about music?
I said non-fiction!
I gave you some ideas to write about!
You're not following directions!
Who wants to read about some K-Pop anyway?
I'm like.....HOLD UP! In one of those topics you said that we could write about our hobbies and one of my hobbies is listening to music! If you feeling salty because you can't deal with me wanting the world to know that K-Pop is taking over then you shouldn't have said hobbies as one of your topics!
I got three hours of d-hall (detention) that day....... I may have lost that battle but the war ain't over.
I WILL PREVAIL! (I swear something is wrong with me today)
Okay. I'm finished with my little storytime, it's probably not as funny or anything like the ones with my grandma, but I was feeling a little salty about this.
Don't worry! I'll have a part two of this with my grandma. (At our school if you get in trouble they always call the parents) So I'll tell you guys how that goes with her (it should go pretty well *sarcasm*) But it'll probably be funny (if Jay Park is involved XD)
Tagging the Fams:
kpop is a real thing so that would make it non fiction. unicorn, leprechaun, OJ Simsons innocent that's all fiction.
My daughter got chewed on last semester by a professor for her speech on ballet. Same kind of topic but the teacher was upset she didnt relate ballet to football. Ang.told her that she's a dancer and she didn't have any boys, let alone football players, in the majority of her dance classes.
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Ridiculous, both of these!!!!! Omg!
The teacher literally said, who wants to read kpop anyway? To me my friend, is insulting and a way to put someone down. You will get JUSTICE! :) *cross fingers!!! *
In my senior year our English final was to write a piece that used symbolism and irony and I wrote basically a 3 page fanfiction of BTS using parts of I need u/Run era and my teacher loved it so much he bumped my grade enough to pass the class. Some teachers can be really great when it comes to your interests but some are assholes.
um excuse me I would rather read some kpop instead of whatever she thinks she can write better馃槨what a bitch you should write it anyway
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