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I know im kind of late, but i wanted to properly introduce myself to Vingle fam and my Taglist Fam! So here's a quick intro card! ^_^
Hi guys! My name is Violet and im going to be 21 on the 25th of December and i have been a kpop fan for about 3 years now! ^_^ My hobbies include, makeup, music, and Kpop!!! Im a HUGE Bts fan, but i love lots of other groups as well! :) I started off as a Kdrama fan, which i still am, but thats what got me into Kpop and i have loved every second of it! ^_^
My bias group is none other than BTS!! I mean who wouldn't love these adorable human beings! ♡♡
My ultimate bias is Park Jimin!!♡♡ But!!! The rest of the members are bias wreckers cause i literally love EVERY Bts member! ^_^
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lol its never to late to introduce yourself. welcome and nice to meet you I'm TwistedPuppy Aka Vinny nice to meet you.
True haha nice to meet you!!!! ^_^