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HELP ME, PLEASE SOMEONE. I looked at my captors, the three giant and disgusting creatures are known as trolls, with warts as big a human baby they are absolutely hideous. They found me in the woods collecting some herbs and plants for healing. “What do we do with the little beast?” said the first and smallest troll, I assumed he is the youngest of the grotesque brothers. “She does not have a lot of meat, so I just say throw her to the wolves.” The largest and the eldest said. Just then a man walked by the clearing we were in. A very handsome man if I do say so myself. He had white blond hair, big eyes that glimmered, and a very muscular physique. I called to the man. “Please help me, sir. I have been captured by these horrendous beasts.” At first he kept walking but then he leaned to look back at me. He just grinned this crooked  grin that made my heart flutter at first. “I guess I will help, ughhh.” Said the man in leather armor. He pulled out a sword and rushed at the first and youngest creature. He jumped up on the beast back and slid his sword into the heart of it. The middle troll came up behind the snarky man. The man clutched the giants face and pulled himself up to his face and kicked him in the face.  The eldest was smart and grabbed his own stuff. He soon disappeared into the forest. The young man came up to me and freed me. First, he checked to see if I was hurt. Then, grabbing my hand he pulled me up to my feet, ending up with me directly in front of his face. He grabbed both sides of my face and turned my head so he could look at all of me. “Are you ok? Did you get hurt? Hey what is your name? Where do you live? Do you have any family?” He basically shot every question he could at me. “YAH!!! Stop attacking me with questions.” I shouted, still dazed from the events that just occurred.   “Sorry, just one question. What is your name?” “My name is Arden, and yours?”
There you go guys my fan fiction. i hope you like. next chapter is 2 weeks from now. @leximintkgtopty
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